Use this page as a reference guide for our typography usage. The only thing that isn't covered in here is the usage of body copy. A Text block will use the body copy styles by default, so just type away right after adding a Text block.

Post or Reading Guide Title [H1]

Main title for the post or reading guide. There's no need to add it as a text block to the top of the post, as it's generated automatically when you name the post.

Written by: Handsome B. Wonderful Illustrated by: Hercules T. Rockefeller

(For reading guides only) Placed directly under the horizontal rule (dividing line) under the reading guide title. Titles should always be in bold.

Section Title [H2]

Use for the main content sections. For reading guides, these would be Before You Read, As You Read, After You Read, Activity, etc. Created by selecting Heading 2 from a Text block dropdown.

Subsection Title [H3]

Use for subsection headers. For reading guides, these could be things like Activate Prior Knowledge, Vocabulary Development, Make Connections, etc. Created by selecting Heading 3 from a Text block dropdown.


Use these in place of H4's or to emphasize a piece of text. Create them by making text bold. Force a line break (Enter) after the text to simulate an H4.

Blockquotes with a source cited = mc^2
— Halbert Einstein

Use these for quoting someone. To create these, use a Quotes block.

Diet blockquote. Tastes like a blockquote, but it's uncited. 

Diet Blockquote Header

You can also use headers in these ones.

Use these for highlighting important, and generally longer, pieces of text. Create them by highlighting text then clicking the quotes button in a Text block.