Fire Truck

Written and Illustrated by: Peter Sis

Before Reading

Take a moment to look over the cover and illustrations throughout the book. Ask
your child questions about the illustrations, or ask and answer them yourself for very little ones.

What do you see on the cover? (I see...)

This book is called "Fire Truck." What kind of sound do fire trucks make? What color is a fire truck? Red! The little boy is matching with the fire truck because he is wearing red too!

How many fire trucks can we see? Let's count! 1,2,3...

For older children, ask, "Who drives a fire truck? What do fire trucks do?"

 As You Read

Build Language

As you go along, point out the different elements in the illustrations and give them all names. Make observations about Matt's room and the different kinds of toys there are. Say things like, "Wow, Matt has so many red toys! He has red legos and red fire trucks and red firefighter helmets. What else do you need to wear a helmet for? Riding a bike or playing a sport like football. He also has yellow toys like a yellow lego here and his yellow tank of water with the hose." Ask your child to point to some of these elements on his/her own, allowing him/her to engage with the book and actively participate in the reading.


Practicing Counting

On the page that flips out to reveal Matt's truck, take some time to go through the image and count out all of the things that he has. For example, say, "Let's see all of the things that Matt has on his truck! One driver. Can you point to the driver? Who is driving? That's right, Matt is driving. He also has two ladders. One, two."


Monitor Comprehension

As Matt pretends to be a fire truck, talk to/with your child about what he's doing. Say things like, "Look, he is racing down the road. Why is he doing that? Because there is a fire and he has to get there really fast so that he can put it out. He is using the water in his hose to put out the fire." You can also help your child make predictions by saying, "Matt smells something. What do you think he can smell? Maybe it is smoke from another fire? Maybe it's food? Let's find out!"

After Reading

For younger children, simply flip back through the book and point at some of the illustrations you liked best. Model post-reading behaviors for future readers! For older children, gauge your child’s comprehension and processing of the story by asking them about what happened in the book.

Did you like that story? 

What happened to Matt in this story?

What kinds of things did Matt do with his fire truck?

Matt likes pancakes for breakfast. What do you like for breakfast?

Extending the Story


We do love our sensory bins, so why not create a fire sensory bin?! That's just one of the great activity ideas that Craftulate has for little ones to get engaged with fire trucks. You can also try out this yummy fire truck snack idea while you get your play on.

And if you're looking to teach your little one about fire safety in a fun, non-frightening way, check out these cool tips from Code Name Mama!

For those slightly older youngsters, check out this awesome activity that combines hand-eye coordination and number recognition.