Romping Monsters, Stomping Monsters

Written by: Jane Yolen

Illustrated by: Kelly Murphy

Before Reading

Preview and Predict

Ever wonder what monsters do for fun? In Romping Monsters, Stomping Monsters you'll find out! Start your read through by considering the front cover and illustrations, and make predictions together about what the story will be about and what you will find within its pages. 

What do you notice on the cover? What are the monsters doing?

What do you imagine monsters to be like? What do you think they like to do for fun?

What do you think will happen in this story?

Wow! That monster has a lot of eyes! Let's count how many! 1,2...

{Flip to an illustration} What do you think the monsters are doing here? 

As You Read

Build Vocabulary

Help build your child's vocabulary by working together to read the story. You can get your child engaged in several ways. First, you can let your child fill in the blanks as you're reading by using the illustrations and rhyme scheme to figure out what word will come next. For example, read "Monsters tumble, run, and lope. Monsters jump a monster..." and then point to the rope on the page and say "rope" together. For older children, help them pull out simple sight words (high frequency words that children can recognize without sounding them out) like IN or THE in the text and identify the letters and sounds that different words begin with.  


Monitor Comprehension 

Help ensure comprehension by talking about different parts of the story as you go along. Encourage your child to ask questions, and ask a few yourself. Think about questions like, "What do you think the monsters will do next? Have you ever done a three-legged race before? Do you think it would be hard or easy? Why? What are they clapping for? Which boat do you think will win the race? What do you think is in a monster-sicle. Do you think it would taste yummy or icky?" These types of questions will have children tying in their own life experiences while also thinking critically about the story.

After Reading

Make Connections

Help your child look at the story as a whole once you've completed your read-through by asking/discussing questions like: 

Did you like that story? Why/why not?

What are some things the monsters did in this story? (Do a quick flip-through if need be.)

Why do people say "I'm sorry"? Why is it important to apologize? 

Were these monsters different from monsters that you imagine? Why/why not?


Extending the Story

Have Some Monster Fun!

Turns out monsters aren't so different from people after all, and this story is full of fun activities that both monsters AND humans can enjoy like jumping rope and three-legged races. So, try a few of these activities out at home and get your little one moving! Whether it's playing catch (catch and hurl) or giving a piggy back ride (which your kid is sure to love), it is all about getting up on your feet and get those juices flowing! 

Your child can also draw his/her own monster and come up with rhyming activities for him/her to do like FALL and stand real TALL. Help by writing these rhyming words under the picture for your child to see. All you need is paper, some markers and your imagination!


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