Whose Toes Are Those?

Written by: Jabari Asim

Illustrated by: LeUyen Pham

Before Reading

Explore and Discover

Whose Toes Are Those is an adorable book that uses the "This Little Piggy" game to determine whose toes the narrator is describing. Talk to your child about the cover and illustrations, and bring their attention to different elements. Use prompts and questions like these to preface the story:  

What do we see? I see two little feet with ten little toes!

I wonder whose toes they are. Let's find out!

Sing the "This Little Piggy" song together before you begin reading!

As You Read

Build Vocabulary

Have fun with the text and emphasize the rhyme as you read! Your child will enjoy the story more if you are enjoying it yourself. Pull out vocabulary words and repeat them to your child. Say things like, "Look, there is a CAT. Can you point to the CAT? The CAT is brown too, just like these toes!" Also, pull out other elements from the illustrations, mentioning where the little girl is or what else is around. Say, "The toes are outside! See, there are flowers and grass."

After Reading

Make Connections

Talk to/with your child about the story and make your own comments if your child is not yet able to verbally respond. 

Did you like that story? Can you find your favorite picture?

They are your toes! How many toes do you have? Let's count!

These are your toes but where is your nose? What about your eyes?...


Extending the Story

Nursery Rhymes

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 10.54.42 PM.png

You can continue the fun by singing to your little one about his/her other body parts to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb, as described here. Let older children choose each body part to sing about and since your child already knows the tune, s/he can pick up the game really easily! You can get really silly and choose body parts like the tongue and sing the song with your tongues sticking out. It doesn't matter what body parts you choose, just as long you're having fun! 


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