Written by: Mary Brigid Barrett

Illustrated by: LeUyen Pham

Before Reading

Explore and Discover

Have you actually thought about the nursery rhyme "Pat-A-Cake?" If you can pat a cake, who says you can't pat other things? See what the characters decide to pat in this cute story inspired by the classic nursery rhyme. Talk to your child about the cover and illustrations, and bring their attention to different elements. Use prompts and questions like these to preface the story:

What is on the cover? I see one boy and one girl. They are dressed like bakers and they look like they are playing pat-a-cake. What is this (point to the cake)?

Let's sing the Pat-A-Cake song!

What are some things we can pat? I can pat my head and I can pat you on the back...

I wonder what will happen in this story. Let's see!

As You Read

Build Vocabulary

Be sure to point to the elements as you go, and ask different questions like, "What is this? Can you point to the MOMMY? Can you find the yummy TOMATO? it's right here! How many kids are on this page? Let's count! 1,2,3... What color is this boy's shirt? It's green!"  As you are naming things, be sure to repeat yourself by saying things like "Look, the girl is patting a brown potato. Can you see the potatoes? They are brown."

You can also make comments like,"I wonder what they will pat next! Maybe they will pat a...The children are in a grocery store! They are patting all sorts of yummy fruits!" 

After Reading

Talk to with your child about the story and make your own comments if your child is not yet able to verbally respond. 

Did you like this story? Which picture was your favorite?

What are some things that they patted? (Kiwis, cakes, acorns...)

Where are some places that they patted? (Outside, in the grocery store, in bed...)

Let's go back and find the page when they pat the puddle!

Let's read the story again!

Extending the Story

Patting Zoo

 Source: New Hope Diamond Head

Source: New Hope Diamond Head

Have you ever heard of a patting zoo? A petting zoo, perhaps, but not a PATTING zoo? Well that's because we made it up! Gather all of your little one's stuffed animals and have a patting zoo! Using simple instructions like "Pat the elephant!" and "Pat the puppy dog!", you can have your own patting fun. You can also use different classifications besides animal type, and try asking your child to pat animals of a certain color or size as well!


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