Orange Pear Apple Bear

Written and Illustrated by: Emily Gravett

Before Reading

Explore and Discover

Begin by taking a moment to draw attention to different elements in the cover and illustrations. Talk to or with your child using the following prompts and questions:

What do you see on the cover?

{Flip to an illustration} Can you find the apple in this picture?

Look, the bear is balancing the pear, the orange and the apple on his head!

I wonder what will happen in this book. What do you think will happen?

Why do you think the bear has all of these fruits?

If your child is not yet verbal, you can answer some of these questions on your own. The more your child hears you speaking and describing the illustrations, the more vocabulary words s/he will be exposed to and the more s/he will get out of the reading.

As You Read

Build Language

Follow the text with your finger as you read. Then, reiterate by pointing to the illustration and saying, "Look! There is an apple. Apples are yummy!" There are some very silly images like the bear shaped like an apple or a pear so call your child's attention to these things. 


Monitoring Comprehension

Let your child flip the pages if possible, so that s/he can engage in the storytelling and follow along. Ask questions or give commentary as you go, saying things like, "The bear is juggling the pear, orange and apple! I wonder what is going to happen next. Let's see."  or "Do you think the bear likes to eat pears? Why or why not?"

After Reading

Make Connections

Talk to and/or with your child about the story and make your own comments if your child is not yet able to verbally respond. 

Did you like that story? What was your favorite picture?

Let's go back and find when the bear balances the apple, orange and pear on his head!

What are some other fruits that the bear can eat? (Strawberry, mango, kiwi, etc)

Let's read the story again!

Extending the Story


Here are three great activities that you can do with your child. From the sensory bin to the yummy homemade baby food, these activities can help you continue the Orange Pear Apple Bear fun long after the story is over! You can also try this craft that let's you create your own bear puppet and recreate the story at home!


Teaching Sign Language

Sign language is a great way for young children to communicate, as it allows babies to express themselves while they are still unable to speak. Teach your child the signs for APPLE, ORANGE, PEAR, BEAR and MORE and use them in your everyday life, also encouraging your child to use them as well.