Mary Wrightly, So Politely

Written by: Shirin Yim Bridges

Illustrated by: Maria Monescillo

Before Reading

Preview and Predict

Mary Wrightly is a very quiet, polite little girl but what will happen when she needs to be assert herself to get what she wants? Before you and your child find out, take a moment to draw attention to different parts of the text and illustrations. Activate prior knowledge and make observations and predictions using questions like:

What do you see on the cover?

The title of this book is "Mary Wrightly, So Politely". What do you think this story will be about?

What are some ways that you think Mary Wrightly will be polite?

Why do we say "please" and "thank you"?

{Flip to an illustration} What do you think is happening in this picture?

As You Read

Build Vocabulary

Encourage your child to stop when s/he gets to a new word in the story. See if s/he can discover its meaning by using the illustrations and words surrounding it. Examples of new words from Mary Wrightly, So Politely include:

  3. SULK


Monitor Comprehension

Let your child make inferences and connections to their own life while reading. For example, when Mary Wrightly kept having the toys she saw snatched up by others, ask "Why do you think other people keep taking the toys she wants for her brother? Has someone else ever taken something that you wanted? What happened? What did you do?" You can also ask basic comprehension questions as you go along like "What has happened so far? What might happen next?"

After Reading

Make Connections

Help your child look at the story as a whole once you've completed your read-through by asking/discussing questions like:

Did you like that story? What was your favorite part?

Can you give me a summary of what happened in the story?

What would have happened if Mary Wrightly hadn't raised her voice and said "Excuse me"?

What do you think her little brother was trying to say at the end of the story?

Extending the Story

Manners Games

Extend the conversation about politeness by trying some of these activities about manners from games like "Mother May I?" to throwing a good manners party. While you're playing, be sure to highlight the fact that Mary Wrightly was a very polite girl but in the end, she didn't let that stop her from speaking up and getting what she wanted.


STEM Activity

Mary Wrightly was surrounded by toys in the toy store, and while toys can be loads of fun, they can also be educational! Check out The Measured Mom's preschool math ideas that will turn your child's toy cars and trucks into teaching tools! These can also be done using action figures, stuffed animals, and any other things that your child plays with.