The Big Wet Balloon

Written and Illustrated by: Liniers

Before Reading

Explore Illustrations

Take a moment before you begin reading to discuss what your child's initial observations are. Make predictions about the story and what will occur within the pages of the book. Ask questions like:

What do you notice?

Why is the balloon wet?

What do you think these two little girls are doing outside?

{Flip to page 21} What do you think is happening in this picture? Are they playing tag? Are they racing home?

As You Read

Vocabulary Building

Play up the text by emphasizing the bolded, capitalized, and italicized words! Also, pull out words to talk about as you go along. Discuss words like SATURDAY and list the rest of the days of the week. Also, talk about words that start with the same letters and sounds, helping your child think about the text as you are reading.


Make Connections

Let your child make predictions and ask questions like, '"What do you think the girls are going to do in the rain?" Also, make connections to your child's life by asking about any times when s/he has gotten caught in the rain. Ask, "Have you ever gotten caught in the rain? Did you like it? What did you do? Did you jump in puddles? Did you have an umbrella?" 

After Reading

Summarize and Interpret

Talk to your child about the story and make further connections/predictions.

Did you like that story? Why/why not?

What happened in that story?

What do you think they will do on Sunday?

{If your child has an older sibling} What are some things that  ______ teaches you?

{If s/he has a younger sibling} What are some things that you teach ________? Do you like to teach him/her things?

Extended Learning Exploration

Rain In A Bag

Source: Family Education

Supplies: a clear, plastic bag, white paper, scissors, permanent markers and water


Try out this cool activity that will teach your child the basic laws of rain like condensation and evaporation.

  1. Cut the paper to be able to fit in the baggie and have your child draw a picture on it that includes things like a lake, a tree, the sun, and some clouds. You can even draw the two little girls from the story!
  2. Place the paper in the plastic bag, trace the scene on the bag with the permanent marker, and then remove the paper from the bag.
  3. Fill the bag with water to the top of the "lake" and close the bag.
  4. Now you can tape the bag to a window that gets a lot of sunlight and wait for the sun to heat the water, causing the water to evaporate and make rain. 


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