Hondo & Fabian

Written and Illustrated by: Peter McCarty

Before Reading

Explore Illustrations

Discuss the cover and illustrations in Hondo & Fabian while encouraging your child to make observations and predictions about what will happen in this story. Reassure your child that there are no right or wrong answers, as s/he is just making guesses as to what will happen in this story. Try asking questions like:

Make Observations

What do you notice on the cover?

Which pet do you think is Hondo? Which is Fabian?

What are some things that dogs like to do? What about cats?

Make Predictions

{Flip to an illustration} What do you think is happening in this picture?

What do you think will happen in this story?

Ask About Pets

{If you have a pet} What is our pet named? What does _____ like to do? Does s/he have any other pet friends?

{If you don't have a pet} What is the best kind of pet? What would you name your own pet?

As You Read

Vocabulary Building

Let your child come up with vocabulary words outside of the text as you go along. For example, on the first page when the word "PET" is used, ask, "What are some other kinds of pets that people can have?" Come up with ideas together like fish, hamsters, birds, rabbits, etc.

Use your finger to follow the words as you read and point out simple words like DOG and CAR. Talk to your child about what sounds the letters in these words make and come up with other words that start with the same sounds. 


Making Connections

Encourage your child to think about the story as you read, discussing such things as the characters' motivations, real world applications and text to text connections. Ask questions like, "

What are some other things that Fabian can do in the house? Why do you think he wanted to stay at home? What are some other things he could do inside?

What do people do at the beach? What are some other things that you think Hondo could have done at the beach? What do you like to do at the beach?" 

Also, help your child continue to make predictions about the story. After reading "Where is Hondo going, riding in a car?", ask your child, "Where do you think he is going? What will he do there?"

After Reading

Summarize and Interpret

Ask questions like:

DId you like that story? What was your favorite part?

What did Fabian do on his adventure? What about Hondo?

What kind of adventures do you like to go on? Do you like to stay in the house or go outside and play? What's your favorite game to play?

What do you think Hondo and Fabian will do tomorrow?

Extended Learning Exploration

Play Pet Vet

Source: No Time for Flashcards

Supplies: paper, markers, pretend doctor supplies (a stethoscope, popsicle stick tongue depressors, face masks, etc), magazines and books, and stuffed animals

Set up shop in your home and have your own pretend veterinarian's office. All you need to do is set up your office with all of your supplies like your paper, a stethoscope, tongue depressors, and other materials. Create a basic check list for things your child can look for like a good heart beat, soft fur, and an overall healthy appearance. Then create a waiting room area complete with magazines and books to keep your patients entertained as they wait. Be sure to label each area (exam room and waiting room) to make your office more legit. Now, let your child play! Check out No Time for Flashcards for more tips and have fun!


Try This

Help your child compare and contrast human doctors and veterinarians. List all of the ways that they are the same: they both help living things, they both give medicine, they both have offices where patients can come and get help, etc. Then list how they are different: doctors have human patients and vets have animal patients, people can tell doctors how they are feeling but animals can't, etc. Ask your child if s/he would like to be a doctor or veterinarian and ask why or why not.