Peekaboo Morning

Written and Illustrated by:Rachel Isadora

Before Reading

Preview and Building Background

Take some time to look at the cover. Ask your child questions about the illustrations. For very little ones you can model asking and answering the questions.

What do you see? I see a baby!

What is the baby doing? The baby is playing peekaboo! It looks like it is hiding behind someone.

What color are these pants? They are blue!

As You Read

Building Vocabulary

With each thing that the child discovers, discuss what or who it is. When s/he finds mommy or daddy, ask "Where is the mommy/daddy? Can you point to mommy/daddy?" Be sure to describe them together and you can even play the guessing game of what the child will find next. Ask, "What do you think the baby will find on the next page?"

After Reading

Revisit the story and have your child find a person or animal they liked in the book.

Making Connections

For older children, ask questions like:

Did you like that story? Why/why not?

What kinds of things did the baby see when playing Peekaboo?

Do you like playing Peekaboo?

What are some other things that the baby could have seen while playing the game?

Extending the Story


Play your own game of Peekaboo! Gather your little one's favorite toys and stuffed animals and have them play by closing their eyes. Then place something in front of them and have them open their eyes. For older children, have them guess before they open their eyes and once they've opened them have them tell you what they see. For younger ones, just play as you would normally!