Kel Gilligan's Daredevil Stunt Show

Written by:Michael Buckley

Illustrated by:Dan Santat

Before Reading

Preview and Predict

Take note as Kel Gilligan takes on some seriously tough stuff! Before diving into the story, help your child make some predictions and talk to him/her about what s/he sees going on in the cover and illustrations. Ask questions like:

What do you see on the cover?

Do you know what a daredevil is? What do they do?

What do you think will happen in this story?

{Flip to an illustration} What do you think is happening in this illustration? What do you think Kel is doing in this picture?

As You Read

Build Vocabulary

As you progress through the story, encourage your child to stop if s/he comes across any unfamiliar vocabulary words. Discuss what these words mean and be sure to give examples for each so that the means are clear. Examples of new words include:




Make Predictions and Connections

With every page comes a new, silly stunt so ask your child what s/he thinks Kel will do next. Once you've discovered the next stunt, ask about your child's own experiences with it. Ask "Do you like broccoli? What kinds of vegetables do you like?"

After Reading

Ask your child how s/he liked the story and what his/her favorite part was. Discuss any questions your child might have about the book. Consider asking additional questions like:

What are some stunts that Kel performed?

Do you like to do any of those things?


Talk About Bravery and Trying New Things

Kel isn't afraid to try new things, and this is a great lesson that comes across in this story. Discuss how your child is brave or has tried something new in the past. You can even talk about instances in which you yourself tried something new and something good came out of it. And of course, discuss that it's ok to be afraid sometimes and that everyone is afraid of something. The important message is to be open to trying new things.

Extending the Story

Real Life Daredevil

Talk about the real life daredevil Evel Knievel who was made famous for his death-defying stunts including jumping his motorcycle over rattlesnakes, buses and fountains. Watch his first jump shown on the Wide World of Sport in 1967 (skip to 1:20 to see the actual jump).