Faster! Faster!

Written and Illustrated by:Leslie Patricelli

Before You Read

Previewing and Building Background

Take some time to look at the cover.  Ask your child questions about the illustrations.  For very little ones you can model asking and answering the questions.

What do you think the little girl is doing?

What animal do you see?  

Can dogs move fast?  What other animals move fast?


Setting a Purpose

Tell your child that this is a story of a little girl who rides on her Daddy’s back. She pretends that he is different animals that move faster and faster through the story.  Say, “Let’s read to see which animals the girl pretends to ride.”

As You Read

Building Vocabulary

On each page spread we are introduced to a new animal.  Ask your child what animals they see.  Some of the animals may be new so you can name the animal and have your child repeat the name.  On each page ask, “Do you think this animal is fast?”

Compare how fast each animal is compared to the previous animal.  Say things like, “The rabbit is faster than the dog.  The turtle is moving slower than the dolphin.”  This plants important comparison concept words into your child’s listening vocabulary.

After Reading

Revisit the story and have your child find an animal they liked in the book.  Determine with your child if that animal moves in the water, on land or in the air.


Making Connections

For older children, ask if they could ride on an animal, which animal would they chose.

To reinforce the predominant word in the story (faster), name two animals and have your child tell you which one is faster.  Select familiar animals.

Extending the Story

Set up races to see who or what is faster. Have a crawling or running race with your child.  Who is faster?  Take two cars or trucks and roll them down a ramp.  Which one is faster?
Practice moving at different speeds and sorting toy cars by color with this fun gross motor activity from Toddler Approved.  
Let your child explore how things move and how fast they move with this rain gutter and water play fun idea from Play At Home Mom.