Written and Illustrated by: Istvan Banyai


Before Reading

Zoom is a wordless storybook that takes readers on a journey, zooming out slowly to reveal new and exciting scenes with ever flip of a page. Start off by discussing the cover and what your child thinks the story will be about.

Give Context.

When you take a picture, what does it mean to zoom in or zoom out? That's right, a camera can zoom in so that you can get up close and see the small things in a picture and it can zoom out so that it can capture the big picture.

Make Predictions.

Why do you think that this story called Zoom? 

Flip to an Illustration that Interests Your Child.

What do you see in this picture?

As You Read

Vocabulary Building

Wordless stories are a great way to build your child's vocabulary, as it requires him/her to find words to describe what s/he sees. You may also want to add more descriptive words to add to his/her vocabulary as well like: 




As you go through the pages, ask your child to describe the picture. As you zoom further out, work with your child to point out the images that you saw in the previous pages.

Making Connections

Ask your child if any illustrations remind him/her of an experience in his/her own life.

For example, when you come upon the picture with the people at the pool, ask your child about going to the pool and what s/he likes about going swimming.

After Reading

Summarize and Interpret: 

Ask questions like these to help your child appreciate the book and ensure comprehension:

Get Your Child's Opinion.

Did you like this book? Why or why not?

Summarize What You Saw (Skim the Pages if Need Be).

What did we see first? 

Where did we go next?

Where did we zoom all the way out to?

Read it Backward:

Now that you've zoomed all the way out to outer space, you can go through the story in reverse! You don't have to go into the same detail as when you read it the first time, but work your way backward, zooming in until you return to the beginning.

Activity: Create a Microscope

Inspired by eHow

Supplies: coloring materials, paper, a clean glass jar, a paper towel, an eye dropper and water

Build this simple microscope and your child can zoom in on things around your home or outside and discover details about the things around him/her. 

  1. Make sure your jar is completely clean and remove the lid.
  2. Place the item you wish to inspect on a flat surface and the cover it with the glass jar, with the bottom side of the jar facing up.

  3. Use an eye dropper to collect a few teaspoons of water. Squeeze a few drops carefully onto the part of the jar that is facing upward. You want to create a circle with the water, which will make the magnified object clearer.

  4. Now look through the circle of water to examine the object under it. You can continue the fun by choosing other things to examine. 

  5. Ask your child what s/he sees through the microscope and then write down what s/he says. Encourage him/her to draw what s/he sees up close vs. with the naked eye.