Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye

Written By: Geronimo Stilton


For parents of independent readers, we provide a set of questions that should give you insight into what your child is reading and help you engage him/her in meaningful conversations about literature. We recommend using the questions provided here as a springboard for deeper conversation about Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye and what your child takes away from the book. Enjoy!


Spoiler Alert! The summary below contains spoilers about the plot that your child might not want to read until after finishing the book. 


When Geronimo Stilton’s sister, Thea, comes to him with a secret treasure map she found at a flea market, he finds himself getting dragged into a treasure hunt in search for a buried treasure called the Emerald Eye. These two mice are unaware of what awaits them on this potentially long and dangerous journey. Along with their cousin Trap, Geronimo and Thea set out on a boat to a far away island in the hopes of finding the treasure. Along the way, their boat gets shipwrecked and they find themselves stranded on a seemingly deserted island that just happens to be Treasure Island, their desired destination. They work together to follow the map and find the spot marked on the map. They are initially disappointed at what they find. Not only do they find a lake in the place where they were expecting to find a treasure, but it turns out that their supposedly deserted Treasure Island is actually home to a popular resort and spa. It isn’t until they are on a plane back home that Geronimo looks out of the window and realizes that the lake they found earlier is in fact the Emerald Eye, named for its dazzling green color and eye-shape. The mice arrive safely back home and just when you think the story is coming to a close, Thea comes to Geronimo with another map that will lead to a whole new adventure. Readers will have to read the next installment to see what happens next.

Discussion Questions

  1. How would you describe Geronimo? Why didn’t he want to go on the treasure hunt with Thea at first? Do you agree with his concerns?
  2. What is the mystery on board the boat? What clues lead Geronimo right to the stowaway? Who was it?
  3. Their boat, the Lucky Lady, is shipwrecked during a big storm and Geronimo, Thea, Trap and Benjamin all were forced into the water. What did they use to stay afloat? How did Thea know that they were close to Treasure Island?
  4. Why did Geronimo have a problem with Thea leading them on their adventure? What is it about her personality that makes her lead this way? Describe your own style and how you think you would handle the situation.
  5. What does Geronimo use to write his diary entry on the island? Try it yourself and write a diary entry about your day. You can write about what you have done thus far, what you plan to do, and any obstacles that may have prevented you from getting something done. You can also try to make the text pop by choosing certain key words and writing them in different colors and fonts like in the book.  
  6. Which character (if any) do you relate to the most? Why? Do any of these characters remind you of someone that you know in real life or that you’ve read about in another story?
  7. How do they find out about the Ratlin’s Tropical Resort and Health Spa on the island?
  8. What did they find at the spot marked on the map? When did Geronimo figure out that this was actually the Emerald Eye? Were you surprised?

Above all, be sure to engage your child in a discussion about the plot line and his/her thoughts and feelings about the book. Ask what s/he likes, encourage exploration related to the book, and every now and again, offer to read parts of the book aloud, just for fun!