Lola at the Library

Written By: Anna McQuinn

Illustrated By: Rosalind Beardshaw

Before Reading

Explore Illustrations and Text:

Take a moment to look over the front cover and illustrations throughout the book. Ask questions like these to encourage your child to make initial observations and predictions about the story:

What do you see on the cover?

What do you think Lola will do at the library?

What kinds of books do you think Lola likes to read?

{Flip to an illustration} What do you think is happening in this picture?

Why do you have to be quiet when you go to the library? Why do we need a library card?

As You Read

Help your child notice the smaller elements that exist in the backgrounds of the illustrations. You can do this by asking your child what s/he sees in the illustrations and pointing out things yourself. For example, when Lola is waking up her mother to go to the library, point out the picture frame in the background and ask, “Who do you think the people in the picture are?” When the woman is reading to Lola and the other children, ask, “What do you think she is reading about?” Also, when Lola sings “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”, take a moment to sing the song with your child.

Making Connections:

As you read about Lola’s experience at the library, ask your child about his/her own experiences with books and reading. As she describes what books s/he likes to read, ask, “What kinds of books do you like to read? Do you like reading funny books? What about books with animals? What is your favorite kind of book to read?”

After Reading

Summarize and Interpret:

Ask your child questions like these to reflect on the whole story. Ask questions like:

What does Lola like to do at the library?

Why does Lola spend so much time choosing books?

Do you like to end the day with story time like Lola?

Activity: Attend a Story Time at Your Local Library

Inspired by E Guide Magazine 


Make a visit to your local library and help your child pick out more fun books to read! Also, check to see if your library hosts a story time that you and your child can attend. Story time is a great way to interact with other children and parents, while also fostering your child’s love of reading and libraries.