Traction Man Is Here!

Written and Illustrated by: Mini Grey

Before Reading

Explore Illustrations

Take a moment to explore the cover and illustrations and give your child a chance to make observations and predictions before beginning the read-through. Ask questions like:

Make Observations.

What do you notice on the cover?

Make Predictions.

What do you think will happen in this story?

Who is Traction Man? What do you think Traction Man does?

Talk About Your Child's Favorite Doll/Action Figure

Do you have a favorite doll or action figure? Which one is it? What kinds of games do you like to play with him/her?

As You Read

Traction Man can’t help but come to the rescue when someone or something is in danger, making for some very exciting adventures. Be sure to read the story with lots of enthusiasm and energy, bringing the story to life for your child and allowing him/her to feel the suspense and victory of each of his missions. For example, when Traction Man saves the Spoons from The Broom, cheer and applaud when he lifts them to safety and gets the medal for his heroic actions.

Vocabulary Building:

While reading, encourage your child to stop and identify words that they are not familiar with. Allow him/her to discover a word’s meaning by using the words and illustrations surrounding it. Examples of new words in Traction Man Is Here! include:


  2. LATEX


Making Connections:

Connect the events of the story to your child’s life by saying, “Wow, Traction Man just got saved by the Scrubbing Brush. Even Traction Man needs help sometimes, just like everyone else. Can you think of a time when you needed help with something? What did you need help with? How did s/he help you?”

After Reading

Summarize and Interpret

Ask questions like these to conclude your reading and gauge your child’s comprehension of the story:

Ask Your Child's Opinion

What was your favorite part of the story? Why?

Discuss The Story

How did Traction Man save Scrubbing Brush from the Mysterious Toes?

What did Traction Man get for Christmas? Did he like it or not? Why?

How did Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush win their medal?

Talk About Your Child's Adventure

Which toys or action figures of yours will you take on an adventure later today? What do you think will happen?

Activity: Go On An Imaginative Mission

Supplies: construction paper, string, hole punch, markers, scissors, and other household supplies


The imagination is a powerful tool so let your child explore his/her’s by creating a rescue mission for his/her favorite doll or action figure. It could be saving Stuffed Animal from under the Bed Cave or Truck from the Laundry Ocean, as long as your child is making full use of the imagination.

  1.  Brainstorm together on what mission your hero should go on and then write a clue for him/her to find. Then, you can take on the role of the evil toy that has put your victim in it’s precarious situation (the Laundry Detergent that has taken Truck captive, for example) and get everything into position while your child conspires with his/her hero. When everything is in place, let your child begin the mission.

  2. Go around your home to find the supplies you need to complete your mission. Maybe you need to make special goggles to see through the Laundry Ocean or find a shoelace rope to rescueStuffed Animal from the Bed Cave.

  3. Once your supplies are in order, begin the rescue! Your hero may need to fly in his/her shoe plane or swim across the carpet river to get to your destination. Encourage your child to make every step an adventure!

  4. Once your mission is complete and your toy has been saved, your child can create a medal for his/her hero’s valiant efforts. Simply cut a circle out of construction paper, write “________’s Medal of Honor”, use a hole punch to put a hole in the top of the medal and then place a string through the hole. Your child can decorate the medal however s/he pleases.You can come up with endless missions for your child’s hero, providing loads of fun and entertainment!