Stella and Sam Story Pack



Ages 0-5

Story apps provide a wonderful opportunity to children to interact with a digital text.  With the Stella and Sam app five adventures await your child’s imagination!

Get Ready

Prepare to use the app by asking the following questions:

Who do you think Stella and Sam are? 

What do you think you will learn while using this app?

Dive In

Help your child get the most out of an app experience by trying the following activities.

Guide your child through the reading experience as they first interact with this app by listening/reading each story with them.


As they become more familiar with the app and reread stories ask follow up questions such as:

What is your favorite story? Why?

How would you change the ending of the story?

Which story would you recommend to a friend/sibling? Why?

Branch Out

Extend the app experience with a real life activity.

Draw/write your own Stella and Sam Story.

Write a note to the author sharing your favorite parts of the story(ies) or app.