Sago Mini Sound Box



Ages 0-4

A fun musical box app that introduces children to sounds and music, we love this app because it's full of sound surprises that are sure to get kids laughing and giggling. 

Dive In

Help your child get the most out of an app experience by trying the following activities.

Ask Questions.

Ask your child the following questions while using Sago Mini Sound Box. If your child is not yet able to answer the questions, that's fine! Answer the questions yourself for your child to hear. Your child will still benefit from this one-sided dialogue!

What sounds do you/we hear? 

What happens when you/we tilt the screen? 

What colors do you/we see?

What animals do you/we see?

Look At The Home Screen.

Point out pictures on the home screen and ask questions like:

What is this?

What types of sounds do you think we will hear?

Compare The Sounds.

Help your child compare the sounds that they are hearing. For example, say things like "Wow, those car horns were loud! What about the xylophone? Is it as noisy as the cars?"

Branch Out

Extend the app experience with a real life activity.

Create Your Own Sound Studio.

Gather a variety of objects such as metal bowls, wood blocks, a bottle of water, a bottle filled with uncooked rice or beans, a magazine, etc. Use a wood spoon to tap on each item. Then try a metal spoon. Shake the bottles. Rustle the pages of the magazine. Tap the cover of the magazine. Ask your child to describe what types of sounds each object makes, and help them compare the sounds.

Notice Sounds In Everyday Life.

Make a game of noticing the sounds you hear throughout your day. For example, help your child describe and mimic the sounds of a running faucet, a car engine, a truck braking, butter sizzling in a pan on the stove, footsteps on a floor above or below, a cat meowing, etc. Have fun!