Peekaboo Barn

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Ages 1-4

A fun peekaboo app that will help your child learn farmyard animals and the noises they make, we love this app for its simple design and many language options.

Get Ready

Prepare to use the app by introducing one of these activities.

Sing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.”

Play peekaboo with your child. Experiment -- instead of saying “peekaboo” try making an animal noise and have your child guess which animal you are. Have stuffed animals play peekaboo with your child, too!

Dive In

Help your child get the most out of an app experience by trying the following activities.

Guess The Animals. 

Before the barn doors open to reveal the animal, the barn shakes and only the sound of the animal can be heard. Help your child make connections by asking them to guess which animal is next based on the sound. 

Repeat After Me!

After the barn doors open, a voice states the name of the animal. Encourage your child to repeat the animal name. If they are not yet able to say the word, they will still benefit from hearing you repeat the animal name!

Make Some Noise.

The animal noises in the app are realistic. Help your child connect the sound to the descriptive words we teach young children to make those sounds. For example, when you hear the cow mooing, say "Moo!" and encourage your child to moo. When you hear the pig snorting, say "Oink!" and encourage your child to oink.


When it becomes nighttime in the app and the animals are sleeping, you’ll hear a voice say, “Shh! They’re sleeping!” Explain to your child (in a whisper!) that it is time to whisper so that you don’t wake the animals. Practice!

Learn A New Language!

The app has different language options. If your child has mastered all the animals in their native language, try switching the app to a different language so that they can learn their names in that language.

Branch Out

Extend the app experience with a real life activity.

Let’s Pretend.

Ask your child to imagine they are a farm animal. Ask them questions like: 

What kind of noise do they make? 

How do they move? 

Where do they sleep? 

What do they like to eat? 

Demonstrate by pretending you are an animal, too!

Visit A Working Farm.

Make real world connections by visiting a working farm near you and supplementing what your child learned in the app.