Boy and Bot

Written By: Ame Dyckman 

Illustrated By: Dan Yaccarino

Before Reading

Explore Illustrations and Text:

Take time to look over the cover and illustrations before beginning your read through. Be sure to read the Title, the Author’s name and the Illustrator’s Name. Explain what it means to an author or an illustrator by saying, “Ame Dyckman is the author of Boy and Bot. That means that she came up with the story and wrote it all down. Dan Yaccarino is the illustrator, which means he is the one that drew all of the pictures in the book. Let’s look at the pictures before we start reading.”Ask questions like these to encourage your child to make predictions:

What do you think is going to happen in this story?

How do you think Boy and Bot became friends?

{Flip to a certain page} What do you think is happening in this picture?

How are boy and boy different? Do you think they have anything in common?  

As You Read

Vocabulary Building:

Let your child take the lead, so if s/he has a question or comment about any part of the story, take a moment to address it to encourage participation and intrigue in the story as you read. When your child comes across a new word or phrase, allow him/her to discover its meaning using the words and illustrations surrounding it. Examples of new words in Boy +  Bot include:



Making Connections:

Establish a connection between your child and the story you are reading by asking if a certain scene reminds him/her of an experience that they have had in the past. For example, when the boy thinks that  the robot is sick and takes him home, ask “When you are sick, what makes you feel better? Do you like to eat applesauce and read books? Do you think that these will help the robot? Why or why not?”

After Reading

Summarize and Interpret:

To foster learning encourage deep comprehension, ask questions like these about the story you have just read:  

What was your favorite part? Why?

How did the boy meet the robot?

Why did the boy think the robot was sick? Why did the robot think the boy was malfunctioning?

How did the boy and the robot try to help each other?

Even though both the robot and the boy were perfectly fine, they each were concerned for the other’s well-being and tried to nurse the other back to health in their own special way. Ask, “Why did the robot think that the oil and new battery would help the boy? Why did the boy think that applesauce and reading would help the robot? Why did they try to help each other even though they were both actually fine?”

Activity: Recycled Robot

Adapted from Creative Jewish Mom


  • 1 rectangular box (a small cereal box will do)
  • 2 plastic bottles for the legs
  • 4 plastic tops for the feet (for feet and eyes)
  • 2 strips of plastic for the arms
  • 1 skewer or straw for flag pole
  • 4 soda bottle caps for ears and top of head
  • 1 large round container lid for hat
  • colored tape
  • colored markers and a black sharpies
  • glue
  1. Give recyclable products around your house new life by turning them into a fun robot craft!
  2. Let your child find the different supplies around the house. This can be a fun scavenger hunt of sorts and once you’ve found each item, it’s time to create your robot.
  3. Open the box and reconstruct it inside out, closing the box at the seam with glue.
  4. Glue the plastic top eyes as well as the ears and hat to the box. Add your own details either using markers or using colored tape and drawing on it with a sharpie.
  5. Glue on the plastic strip arms and the plastic bottle legs. Next, attach the feet to the bottom of the bottles.
  6. Make a flag by cutting off a long piece of tape and placing the top of the skewer in the center of the tape. Match up the two ends of the tape and then press down from the base of the flag out to the end. Let your child create whatever flag design s/he would like.

Once all of the glued parts have dried, you are ready to play with your robot! Next time you read Boy and Bot, be sure to have your new robot friend on hand to help you with the story!