Pigeon Presents Mo... on the Go!

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Developed by:Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications


Ages 4-6

Three-time Caldecott honoree Mo Willems invites you to join some of his most beloved characters in this collection of entertaining games and activities to play anytime, anywhere! “Mo…On the Go!” lets you dance, draw, take pictures, create monsters, and even drive the bus! As you play, unlock stickers to put in your sticker vault! (iTunes)

Get Ready

Prepare to use this app by using the following activity:  

Books by Mo!

Perhaps you already have a book by Mo Willems in your home?  If not, check one out at your local library or bookstore.  Have your child choose their favorite book by Mo Willems, or introduce them to one, and build context for using this app by exploring, reading, discussing and enjoying it!  One of my all time favorites is “Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” and “Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay up Late”.  I bet that pigeon will get you every time!  Why stop at one book?  If your child is enjoying themselves, read another one!

Dive In

Help your child get the most out this app experience by trying any of the following activities:

Monster Maker!

Ask your child to spend some time using the “Monster Maker” game.  Afterwards, ask them to recreate their favorite monster, or create a completely new one to write or tell a story about.  Ask any of the following questions to help them get their stories flowing: Where does your monster live?  What is his favorite thing to do?  Is he friendly?  Or, is he a scary monster?  What does a typical day look like for him/her? What’s his/her favorite food? Depending on your child’s writing abilities, ask them to write without worrying about spelling.  This will help them feel confident in getting their thoughts out, instead of feeling like they can’t move on until a word is spelled correctly.  Some other options are to have your child dictate the story to you while you record it, or simply have them practice their oral storytelling skills and not worry about writing it down.  



Ask your child to spend some time using the “Dance-o-Rama” game.  As the animals dance, have them imitate their moves and add in some of their very own original moves, too.  Encourage them to enjoy the music, laugh at their animal’s dance moves, and get themselves moving, too!  


Sticker Pictures!

Have your child explore the “Sticker Pictures” game and explore the various scenes and characters that can be inserted into each one.  Have them imagine they are writing a new book with Mo Willems, what would it be about?  Or, would they add or change any of Mo’s books with this new scene?  If so, which book and how exactly?  Another option is to have them take their very own pictures and insert any characters they’d like into them. What stories would emerge from these pictures and scenes?  Simply encouraging your child to be the author or creator of a new story or scene is a fun way to help them increase their overall confidence!

Branch Out

Extend your child’s learning by using any of the following activities:

Character Hunt!

Now that your child has had time to explore all of the games on this app they have been introduced to the many lovable characters from Mo Willems’ books.  Were there any they already knew from reading his books?  Are there new characters they’d like to find?  If so, go back and find more of these fun loving characters at your local library or bookstore.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy another great book!


Act It Out!

Have your child choose either their favorite book by Mo Willems, or one of their very own original stories they may have written while using this app.  Encourage them to gather some siblings or friends and act the book out!  Are they alone? No problem! Tell them to plan and present an amazing one man or woman show!