Moo, Baa, La La La!

Moo, Baa, La La La Screen Shot 1.jpeg

Developed by:Loud Crow Interactive


Ages 2-4

Far beyond any e-book experience, the Moo, Baa, La La La! interactive book app has all the magic and appeal of a traditional pop-up book, offering lively interactivity and nifty discovery. Of course you can hear each animal make its unique sound (In some cases, VERY unique). But there’s more! Help the perplexed chicken stagehand raise the curtain on a stage full of dapper dancing pigs. Turn day to night with the touch of the moon. Slingshot the running cats away from the barking dogs. A touch of the duck activates a quack which brings in another duck. And another. And another. Even the back cover has a curiously articulate spokesman that you really mustn’t miss. (iTunes)

Get Ready

Prepare to use this app by using the following activity:

What Animal Makes That Sound?

Prepare to interact with this app by starting with its title.  Ask your child what animal makes the “moo” sound? Then, have them repeat the animals name a few times.  Do this with “baa”, too.  Then, ask them if they know any animals that sing “la la la”.  Be silly and have fun with this one - for example, ask them if dogs make that sound?  What about cats? How about hippos? 

Dive In

Help your child get the most out this app experience by trying any of the following activities:

Building Literacy Skills

Emergent Reader:

This is the earliest stage of reading. During this stage, children will rely on pictures and illustrations to gather information about the story.  Help readers in this stage by choosing the “Read Myself” option on the app and ask them questions during reading such as: What do you see on this page? What is happening?  Remind your kiddo what the title of the story is; this will help them to answer these questions and stick to the story topic.


Early Reader:

In this stage, children can point to words that he/she knows in the text.  Ask your child to point to any words that he/she knows how to read, or ask them to try and identify a particular word of your choice on each page. Yet another option is to encourage your child to tap any word on the page and hear it read aloud to them to build early reading skills.


Point to the…

Help your child with object identification in this fun app that features many different types of animals.  Ask them to point to certain animals, or have them do this on their own. When they do so, the animal just may do or say something silly!  To increase engagement with this interactive book ask them to imitate each animal’s sounds.  Encourage your child to be silly & have fun!

Branch Out

Extend your child’s learning by using the following activity:

My Favorite Animal Is...

Talk to your child about what their favorite animal in this interactive book was and why.  Teach them a few facts about their favorite animal and have them draw a picture of it, too.  Afterwards, have them write or dictate (depending on their ability) their own story about this particular animal. Help them by giving them a few sentence starters such as:  There once was a ___________ who loved to __________.  His/her favorite thing in the whole wide world to do was _______________ and he absolutely loved to eat __________________.  Encourage your child to make the story as short or as long as they’d like.  It’s always a great idea to practice drawing or writing after reading a story!