Slice of Bread Goes to the Beach


Developed by:Jelly Biscuit


Ages 5-7

Slice of Bread loves nothing more than hunting for treasure, but his day on the beach does not turn out at all the way he’d planned. In a series of unfortunate mishaps, his day goes from bad to worse until he finds a treasure of a very different kind. (Developer)

Get Ready

Prepare to use the app by introducing one of these activities:

  1. Title Talk:Discuss the title of this book, Slice of Bread Goes to the Beach. Based on the title alone, ask your child what they think the title means.
  2. Theme: Treasure HuntAsk your child why they think a treasure-seeking Slice of Bread would hunt at the beach? Have them name some things they might find treasure hunting at the beach.

Dive In

Help your child get the most out of an app experience by trying the following activities:

  1. Interactivity:Each page has hidden interactivity spots, from Slice of Bread’s toaster car to a magnifying glass that reveals treasure beneath the sand. Guide your child to explore these hidden, animated gems on each page.
  2. Grammar Hunt:Interjection!Throughout this story, Slice of Bread uses many interjections (abrupt remarks, usually separated by an exclamation mark, to show extra emotion). Have your child pick out the interjections in the story.

Branch Out

Extend the app experience with these real life activities:

  1. Reading Comprehension:Slice of Bread had an expectation that morning that was different from how the day turned out, but those unfortunate mishaps led to an unexpected surprise at the end. Ask your child if they recall a time when a mishap resulted in something wonderfully unexpected.
  2. Treasure Hunt:Create a treasure hunt around the home or outside in your backyard. For younger children, gather items to hide. For older ones, create a map to locate the hidden treasure. For a different treasure-finding activity, hide some of their favorite toys in an unexpected place for them to discover, i.e., toy matchbox car in the cereal box.