The Wrong Book

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Developed by:Wheelbarrow


Ages 2-5

A story full of laughs, we love this app for its lively narration, and child-triggered character actions such as fart clouds popping from monsters, peanuts shooting from the elephant, and treasure being uncovered by the pirate!


Get Ready

Prepare to use the app by introducing one of these activities.

  1. Title Talk.“The Wrong Book” is quite the unusual title for a story! Ask your child what they think the book app will be about based on the title and what makes it “wrong.”
  2. Storytime.The Wrong Book is supposed to be a story about its narrator, Nicholas Ickle, a boy who just keeps getting interrupted by the wrong characters. Give your child the center stage that Nicholas Ickle desires and tell them to pick out two or three stories that they want to read. Have a storytime designed by your favorite little reader!

Dive In

Help your child get the most out of an app experience by trying the following activities.

  1. Anticipate.Ask your child to guess with each scene what they think the next character will be. Look for clues that pop out on the sides of the pages!
  2. This Book Is About…If your child is not in school already, they will soon learn that a common classroom question is “What is this book about?” This is the very question that poor Nicholas Ickle tries to answer time and again! When the story is over, ask your child what is The Wrong Book about?
  3. Story Extension.Tell your child to imagine that other characters appear in The Wrong Book. What other characters would they like to see? What would those characters say or do? What would Nicholas Ickle’s reaction be? Can your child draw a picture of one of these imagined characters?
  4. Count and Describe.Urge the youngest readers to engage with the story by counting the number of characters on each page, and describing the way the characters look and the actions they are doing each time. A simple activity, this will help those budding storytelling and literacy skills!
  5. The Right Book.What if this book went the way Nicholas Ickle expected or wanted it to? How would the story go? Encourage your child to “rewrite” the story and tell it to you, act it out, write it down, or draw pictures of it!

Branch Out

Extend the app experience with a real life activity.

  1. Get Crafty and Dress Up!Nicholas Ickle wears a fabulous outfit: a taped-together top hat, a fancy coat with tails, jean shorts, and a red and white striped t-shirt. Urge your child to put together their own one-of-a-kind outfit. Help them make a Nicholas Ickle-inspired top hat using black construction paper and tape, or if they would rather make a different kind of hat, let their imaginations run wild. Pull out some clothes and accessories that they can dress up in and see what fashion they design. Perhaps they would like to put on a show!
  2. Character Scavenger Hunt.Visit your local library and have a scavenger hunt based on The Wrong Book. Nicholas Ickle says that all the characters that appear in the story are in the wrong book. What books do those characters actually belong in? Make a list of the characters (elephant, monsters, pirate, queen, rats, puppet) and tell your child to look for a story that each character or set of characters really belongs in! If they need help, encourage them to ask the librarian and work on those social skills. Once they have a book for each character, settle down for storytime, or check them out and bring storytime home.
  3. A Story About Me.Nicholas Ickle never quite succeeds in telling the story he planned to tell about himself. Nevertheless, he is the star of a wonderful book, even if it is wrong! Tell your child to imagine they are in a book all about them. What story would they want to tell? Suggest they tell it to you, turn it into a puppet show or other skit, draw pictures, and/or write it down! If they would like to write it down but do not have the ability to do so yet, write it down for them as they dictate.