Alizay, Pirate Girl

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Developed by:SlimCricket


Ages 4-7

A pirate adventure story, we love this app for its bold girl protagonist and reader-empowered storyline; Alizay and her pirate father only make progress on their treasure hunt when the app user helps Alizay with the tasks at hand, be they scouring the map for clues or tidying up a ghost ship!


Get Ready

Prepare to use the app by introducing one of these activities.

  1. Storytime.Have a pirate-themed storytime with your child. There is an abundance of pirate stories out there Choose from among the many!
  2. Pirate Talk.Arrrrre you ready for a pirate story app? Ask your child what they think of when they think of pirates and pirate stories. What types of things does a pirate do? How do they travel? Where do they travel? What do they look like? See how many of these associations your child can find in the story app, and afterwards ask them if there were any parts of the story that they did not expect.


Dive In

Help your child get the most out of an app experience by trying the following activities.

  1. Discussion Starters.Try asking your child some of the following questions: What is Alizay’s “dearest wish?” Why do you think some of the other pirates laugh at Alizay? What do the other pirates daydream about? Do you think any of their dreams will come true? How?
  2. For The Birds.Why is the parrot’s name Bungler? What does it mean to “bungle” something? What does the parrot bungle? Parrots are known for being able to repeat what people say, right? So listen carefully to what the parrot in this story actually says! Afterwards, imagine other things a pirate might say. Then urge your child to think of what the parrot might “repeat” and how they might bungle those words.
  3. Ghost Stories.Ask your child if they have ever heard of the “Flying Dutchman” that Alizay’s father mentions when they find the ghost ship. Did they know it is a real ghost ship? Check out adaptations of the story for children here and here. Learn more about the history that inspired the ghostly legend. Older children might be interested to know that the Flying Dutchman has been inspiration for all kinds of stories in all kinds of forms, including opera and cinema, thanks to Wagner and Disney!
  4. Story Extension.The island map shows all sorts of creatures – a shark, a lion, a whale, a sea serpent—that do not feature in the story. Encourage your child to imagine what adventures Alizay might have had if she encountered these creatures. There is also a bottle floating in the water—is there a message in the bottle? Where will Alizay travel next? Have your child tell you, act out, or draw pictures of a story!


Branch Out

Extend the app experience with these real life activities.

  1. Talking Parrots.Pirates and parrots are common companions in stories. Talking parrots especially. But did you know that only some types of parrots actually talk, and some talk more than others! For example, African Grey parrots can learn to mimic speech with amazing ability. Scientist Irene Pepperberg has devoted her life’s work to studying and teaching African Greys. Her most famous bird, Alex, knew over 100 words, could count, sort colors, and perform other tasks similar to a young child! Watch Dr. Pepperberg and Alex at work. Visit your local library to learn more about African Greys and other parrots, and check out some fictional stories about parrots, too! Try Terrific or Rita and the Parrot for starters.
  2. Treasure Hunt!Set up a pirate’s scavenger hunt for your child with treasure of your choosing (rocks spray painted gold work great!). Draw and color a map together of the area they will be searching in first. At the time of the treasure hunt, all participants (adults included!) are encouraged to wear pirate costumes. You could scatter the treasure all around, or have your child look for a progression of clues like Alizay and her father do, and put the booty all in one place!
  3. Obstacle Course.Alizay has to complete all sorts of tasks, puzzles, and physical feats in order to find the wind-rose. Make up an obstacle course for your little one. If outdoors and weather permitting, consider including elements like a kiddy pool, hopscotch, jump roping, etc. If you are making it indoors, pillows, jigsaw puzzles, cardboard boxes, laundry baskets, etc. could all help create an adventure for your child! If you are stuck indoors, you could also use some of those things to build your own pirate ship.
  4. Raid The Fridge!Get your little pirate and raid your fridge and cabinets, pillaging for things to eat! Put together a pirate’s picnic. Spread out a blanket to serve as your island and enjoy your looted feast. Looking for suggestions? Think cubes of cheese, rolled meats, dried fruits, nuts, hardboiled eggs… finger foods or things that might keep well on a ship, or really anything you feel like munching on. You can always pretend it’s something else! Then learn more about what pirates might have actually eaten here!