Each to his own!

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Developed by:Kite Edizioni Srl, Parmecio Studio


Ages 4-7

A wordless story app, we love this app for its quirky and humorous take on friendship between species.

Get Ready

Prepare to use the app by introducing one of these activities:

  1. Storytime.Share some wordless picture books with your child. Choose a funny story such as The Hole, a classic like The Snowman, an adventure such as Journey, or a realistic story such as Home. Talk with your child about how stories without words are different than stories with text on the page.
  2. Title Talk.Ask your child what they think “Each to his own!” refers to. Have they ever heard this expression? Can they think of ways it applies to their family or friends? Discuss its meaning together, and what it might imply about the story told in the app.

Dive In

Help your child get the most out of an app experience by trying the following activities:

  1. Anticipate.Most pages or scenes open showing only the human character. Tell your child to look at each person closely. Ask them to describe each character. Based on what they see and describe, can they guess what animal the human might be paired with? Getting it wrong is as much fun as getting it right in this activity! If they guessed a different animal than the one that appears, though, look back at the person and hunt for similarities with the animal. There is always a common trait of some kind!
  2. Narrate.The beauty of a wordless story is its flexibility and changeability. It empowers the reader by giving their imagination free reign. Ask your child to narrate the story in Each to his own! as you read. Repeat this activity over time and see how the story changes and how its shape alters in your child’s hands and voice.
  3. Imagine.Bring the story into your own home. Urge your child to think about their own traits and characteristics. Now tell them to imagine that they are one of the characters in the story. What animal would they be paired with? Why? Can they draw a picture? What about other members of your family? Have fun!

Branch Out

Extend the app experience with these real life activities:

  1. Take A Walk.Most of the characters in Each to his own! appear to be taking a walk with their animal companion. Take a walk in your neighborhood, with or without a pet at the end of a leash. Encourage your child to observe the world around them, the people they see, the animals, even inanimate objects. Tell them to imagine them all as characters, unique with their own styles, ways of doing and thinking about things. This should make for a colorful walk and lively conversation!
  2. Music and Story.Each to his own! is a story that has pictures but no words. Songs are stories with sung words but no pictures! Explain to your child that another way of saying “each to his own” is “to each his own.” Then listen to the song “To Each His Own.” What images come to your child’s mind? What do they think the song is about? How are the story in the app and the story in the song similar? How are they different?
  3. Create.Encourage your child to create their own wordless story. Depending on their attention span and level of detail, this is an activity that could be completed in one day or over many days. All they need are paper and drawing or painting supplies. When they finish their story, have them decide on a title, often the only words attached to a wordless story. Then bind the pages together (stapling, sewing, or putting the pages in a binder are all great options) so they have a book!