Pete's Robot

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Developed by: Heartdrive Media


Ages 4-7

In this story app, a boy and his dog build a robot and make one bad mistake. We love this app for its childlike drawings, the ability to choose from three different narrators, and the funny and silly animations the user can trigger by interacting with the app.

Get Ready

Prepare to use the app by introducing one of these activities.

  1. Robots. Help your child learn about the history of robots. What type of robot do they think Pete’s robot will be?
  2. Get Moving. Turn on some techno music and have a robot dance party! What exactly would a robot dance like? Lucky for your child, you will get to see in Pete’s Robot!

Dive In

Help your child get the most out of an app experience by trying the following activities.

  1. Robotics. As your child clicks through the different robot parts that Pete can purchase online, ask them to imagine and describe what each part does. What are other robot parts or abilities that they would add if they were creating their own robot? This activity promotes imagination and storytelling.
  2. Make Connections. Although the story in Pete’s Robot is fictional and based in fantasy, your child can probably identify with many aspects of it. Ask them to think about parts of the story that might be familiar. Have they ever had to wait for something, like Pete waits for the robot parts, and felt like the waiting went on forever and ever? Have they ever been so excited about a project or activity that they could (or did) spend the entire day doing just that? Have they ever gotten into mischief, or made a mistake?
  3. Heartdrive. Ask your child what they think the heartdrive does and why it might make a difference for Pete’s robot. Why does it matter that Pete did not install it? What will happen if Pete does install it?

Branch Out

Extend the app experience with a real life activity.

  1. The Best Robot Ever. Ask your child to create their own story about a robot. What does the robot look like? Does it have any special abilities? Urge them to include at least one adventure that their robot has in their story.
  2. The Best Pet Ever. Pete’s dog, Spot, is amazing! He does all the cooking and helps Pete throughout the story. If your child could have a pet with super abilities, what type of pet would it be and what traits and abilities would make them special?
  3. Graphic Novel. Pete’s Robot is told in a short graphic novel or comic book style. Encourage your child to make their own graphic novel, chapter, or even a page of a graphic novel. How is this style of storytelling different than a picture book or chapter book? What do they like about it? Is there anything they do not like about it?
  4. Community Involvement. After wreaking a small amount of havoc throughout the community, Pete’s robot ends up helping another community member and her cat. Find an opportunity for your child to get involved with their community. This could be helping out at the public library during a program for younger children, handing waters out at a race, volunteering at a local nursing home, working at a community event such as a fair, etc. Your child will have the chance to give back while enjoying themselves and learning about community-mindedness.