Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy

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Developed by:Zuuka Inc (iStorytime)


Ages: 3-5

Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy is an electronic book that is designed with deaf children in mind. The book has the standard "read to me" and "read it myself" options, but deaf children can have the book signed to them via an interpreter, a first for ebooks. This promotes reading skills for deaf children and gives hearing kids a chance to observe, if not learn, American Sign Language. The story is a tale about a delightful, polite and lovable dragon named Danny, and his sidekick Skipper. In a most unusual way, they stumble upon the home of a boy named Jimmy. Danny’s mode of transportation - he shrinks and travels in a green sea shell! Reading the story, children are also transported - from our fast-paced multimedia world to a simpler place and time. (CommonSenseMedia/iTunes)

Get Ready

Prepare to use this app by using any of the following activities:

  1. Sign the word “Dragon”:This interactive book has a “Sign to Me” option and is an amazing way to introduce your child to sign language.  Perhaps your child already knows some sign language, or perhaps they don’t know any yet. Start with teaching your child the sign for “dragon” - a word that appears many times in the book. Encourage your child to make the sign for the word dragon anytime they see or hear it on the page.  If your child enjoys learning new signs, revisit the book and teach them one or two more signs that they can practice at a time.
  2. My Favorite Family Adventure…This book starts off with Jimmy on a family vacation. Talk to your child about any favorite memories they have about a family trip or local adventure. What was their favorite part? Why? If they could go anywhere on a family vacation, where would they want to go and why? This is just a simple and fun way to help build context and background before reading this interactive book.

Dive In

Help your child get the most out this app experience by trying any of the following activities:

What Is Going to Happen Next?

This is a fun app to start practicing the reading strategy of predicting - thinking about what will happen next. Encourage your child to make predictions by simply asking enthusiastically, “What do you think is going to happen next? Let’s find out if you’re right!” as you read the book with them.

Building Literacy Skills:

  1. Emergent Reader:This is the earliest stage of reading. During this stage, children will rely on pictures and illustrations to gather information about the story.  Help readers in this stage by choosing the “Read Myself” option on the app and ask them questions during reading such as: What do you see on this page? What is happening? Remind your kiddo what the title of the story is; this will help them to answer these questions and stick to the story topic.
  2. Early Reader:In this stage, children can point to words that he/she knows in the text. Ask your child to point to any words that he/she knows how to read, or ask them to try and identify a particular word of your choice on each page. Yet another option is to encourage your child to tap any word on the page and hear it read aloud to them to build early reading skills.

Branch Out

Extend your child’s learning by using any of the following activities:

Danny the Dragon: Past Adventures?This interactive book ends at bedtime and Jimmy asking Danny what adventures he’s been on.  Talk to your child about what adventures they think Danny has been on.  Encourage them to think of at least one long scenario or option - perhaps Jimmy has been to outer space? Jimmy’s past adventures are up to your child - see if they can focus on adding lots of details to one specific adventure.  Extend this activity option by having them draw a detailed and colorful illustration that helps explain their scenario.

Plot Map!Fold a piece of paper into three sections to represent the beginning, middle and end of the book.  Ask your child to draw a picture and perhaps write a sentence about how the book started, or what the main thing that happened at the beginning of the book was.  Then, ask them to do the same for the middle and end of the book.  This will not only help your child with comprehension, but it will also introduce the idea that every book has a plot - a sequence of events and beginning, middle and end.  Ask your child to share their plot map with family or friends!