Violet: Interactive Children's Storybook

Violet Interactive Children's Storybook Screen Shot 1.jpeg

Developed by: Black Dog Books, LLC


Ages 4-6

In a small, peaceful neighborhood, a wonderfully curious and clever girl is about to get herself into a bit of mischief. Her name is Violet and she has a very secret “SECRET.” When Violet ties on her black satin mask, she becomes Phantom Girl, the world’s most daring experimenter! Read and interact as Violet investigates the outcome of Phantom Girl’s latest experiment to turn forward the hands on the clock and take control of time. Boys and girls alike will have a blast playing with and searching for the many exciting interactions contained within this amusing tale of a little girl with a BIG imagination. [Black Dog Books]

Get Ready

Prepare to use this app by using the following activity:

Awesome Adjectives! 

This fun book contains a lot of adjectives. Talk to your child about what these kinds of words are - words that describe nouns (nouns: person, place, thing, idea).  Adjectives make stories more enjoyable!  Adjectives tend to answer one of these three questions: What kind is it?  How many are there?  Which one is it? Show your child this Grammar Rock video about adjectives to show them a few examples. As your child listens to this story, have them be on the lookout for awesome adjectives.  Another way to teach your child about adjectives is to grab objects from around the house and start to investigate them. What do the objects look like? Feel like? If applicable, taste like? Answering these questions will help your child better understand describing words and adjectives.

Dive In

Help your child get the most out this app experience by trying either of the following activities:

  1. Powerful Predictions!Tell your child that making predictions involves thinking about what might happen in the story.  Good readers use clues and evidence from the story (the title, the pictures and illustrations) to predict what might happen. Help your child to make predictions about this story by asking them questions such as “What do you think is one thing that might happen in this story? Why?”  Asking “why”? will help them  to make thoughtful predictions based on evidence - a really great skill to instill in all readers!   As your child reads or listens to the story, ask them to notice whether or not their predictions were accurate.  If they weren’t accurate, have them tell you what happened instead. This will also help them to start building summarizing skills.
  2. Interact with the App!As your child reads this story, have them tap on the items surrounded by a yellow dotted line to learn more about them and help Violet solve her latest mystery. There are also hidden pop ups and interactions throughout the book. Let Violet be your child’s inspiration and see what they can find using a little curiosity!

Branch Out

Extend your child’s learning by using either of the following activities:

  1. What Experiment Will Phantom Girl Try Next? Let your child take control of the next story and be the author! They get to decide what experiment Phantom Girl will try next. Will Phantom Girl encounter any problems? If so, how will they be resolved? Have your child answer these questions in order to create a great sequel! Encourage them to also include as many awesome adjectives and illustrations as possible. Finally, ask them to share their story with friends or family members to practice their fluency - reading with emotion and recognizing punctuation.  
  2. Create Your Own Phantom Girl! Ask your child to draw, color and cut out their own Phantom Girl. Have them listen to the story one more time and jot down all the adjectives used to describe Phantom Girl on her. Finally, are there any other words your child would use to describe her? If so, jot those down in there as well!