Pete and the Secret of Flying

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Ages: 3-5

Pete and the Secret of Flying has a good storyline that encourages juniors to pursue their dreams even when everyone -- including we parents -- tell them that it wasn't possible. The story shows how believing in our dreams can yield success. It will take a great deal of courage, but some dreams are worth the effort and sacrifice. The story also teaches your juniors to question the status quo, by not blindingly accepting a common myth or fear, uncertainty or doubt. They should always try to see problems from a different perspective, so that they can break limitations and explore many possibilities. Finally, the story also shows to our juniors that sharing their knowledge with others can encourage the whole society to advance, and that they too can bring a revolutionary change to their generations. (

Get Ready

Prepare to use this app by using the following activities:

  1. Build Background: In this story, Pete is told he can’t do something, but he tries to do it anyway.  What are your child’s hopes and dreams? Has anyone ever told them they couldn’t do something? How did that make them feel? Has anyone ever encouraged and supported them to accomplish their dreams? How did that make them feel?
  2. Make Your Own Pete! Pete is an adorable yellow bird. Have your child create their very own Pete before reading the book.  They can sneak a peek at him on the main menu screen. Ask them to draw, color and cut out their very own Pete. As they create their own Pete, talk to them about birds. What are their favorite kinds of birds? Why? What is their favorite thing about birds?

Dive In

Help your child get the most out this app experience by trying any of the following activities:

  1. Read, Read, Read!There are a few options to help your child read this interactive story. Choose the “text” option and have them sound out, decode and read the words themselves.  Or, choose the “voice” option and the story will be read aloud to your child. Encourage them to read along with the narrator or repeat after them.  
  2. Interact with the App!As your child reads and listens to this story, have them tap the arrows to turn the pages.  Or, your child can tap Pete to see what happens.  Lastly, they can tap other objects on the screen and discover what happens! This creates a more interactive learning experience for your child, and also helps them with fine motor skills and object identification.

Branch Out

Extend your child’s learning by using either of the following activities:

  1. Beautiful Clouds! In this story, Pete wants to play with clouds, and he mentions all the beautiful shapes and objects they look like. Head outside, lay a blanket on the ground and watch the clouds. What shapes and objects does your child see? Encourage them to let their imagination soar!
  2. Write On! Have your child be the author of a sequel to Pete and the Secret of Flying. They can write it themselves or narrate it to you to record it for them. What other dreams does Pete have? What does he want to accomplish? What challenges or problems does he face along the way? How is Pete’s problem resolved? Having your child answer these questions will help them create a fun sequel with a great plot. Encourage them to add illustrations and share their story with friends and family members to practice their fluency - reading with emotion and recognizing punctuation.