Magikid Umbrella

Developed by: Magikid


Ages: 2-4

Join Fiona and Jacob on their rainy day adventures. Magikid Umbrella recalls the magic of childhood rainy days in a beautiful interactive storybook. Read along with the story, play some relaxing games and bring the magic to life with a DIY arts and crafts activity. Perfect for rainy days at home or as a relaxing bedtime story. The story is also available in Mandarin Chinese, perfect for bi-lingual families or kids learning Chinese. (iTunes)

Get Ready

Prepare to use this app by using either of the following activities:

  1. What is Rain? Talk About It!This app is all about rain - what does your child know about rain? Activate their prior knowledge and build context by asking them a few questions. What is rain? Why does it rain? What causes rain? It’s okay if they don’t know! Tell them a little about rain to help them prepare to enjoy this app.  A few facts about rain (choose to teach your child whichever facts seem most interesting to you and them):
    • Water droplets form from warm air. As the warm air rises in the sky, it cools. Water vapor (invisible water in the air) always exists in our air. Warm air holds quite a bit of water. When enough of these droplets collect together, we see them as clouds! If the clouds are big enough and have enough water droplets, the droplets bang together and form even BIGGER droplets. When the drops gets heavy, they fall because of gravity, and you see and feel the rain! Draw a picture of this process to serve as a visual aid and help them understand this complicated information!
  2. Style Show:When it rains, you wear different clothes! Why? What would happen if you left the house and weren’t prepared for rain? Ask your child to dress up as if it is raining outside. Then talk about why a raincoat, rain boots, or umbrella is helpful to have when it’s raining! If you feel like getting outside, make some puddles for your child to splash around in (or find existing ones)! Leave the rain gear close by in case they’d rather do some indoor puddle jumping instead (activity below)!

Dive In

Help your child get the most out this app experience by trying any of the following activities:

  1. Introduce Onomatopoeia!Talk to your child about a really fancy word - onomatopoeia. Have them repeat it after you a few times. Tell them that you’re going to teach them something that kids in middle school learn, wow! Onomatopoeia is a fancy word that means sound words.  Sound words are words like “bang”, “pop”, “splash”, “bam”, and so on.  As you tell them a few examples, have them repeat them loudly after you.  What other sound words can they think of?  There is some fun onomatopoeia in this interactive book.  Ask your child to be on the look out for these sound words.  Before getting started, ask them to tell you what sounds a rainstorm would make.  Encourage them to be silly and have fun!
  2. Listening Purpose:As your child prepares to listen to this interactive story, ask them to listen for the many ways that people protect themselves from the rain.  Have them share all the ways as well as any connections they may have - have they used any of those ways before? If so, when?
  3. Sing It!There is a song about rain at the end of the story. Encourage your child to sing along and dance, have fun! Do they know any other songs about rain? Which ones? Or, do they want to make up their own song about rain? Encourage them to do so and add dance moves, too!


Branch Out

Extend your child’s learning by using any of the following activities:

Umbrella Craft!

What You’ll Need:

  • construction paper (any color)

  • popsicle stick

  • string or yarn

  • colored pencils, crayons or markers


  • Cut out an umbrella shape and a few raindrops for your child, or draw them and have your child practice cutting using children’s scissors

  • Decorate the umbrella

  • Glue the bottom middle of the umbrella to the popsicle stick

  • Glue string to the bottom of the umbrella

  • Glue the raindrops to the end of each piece of string


Indoor Puddle Jumping!

What You’ll Need:

  • your favorite rain gear

  • blue foam, construction paper, or anything to represent puddles


  • Make puddles and raindrops out of the construction paper or foam and set them out across the house.  Have your child put on their favorite rain gear and get jumping! Put on some music and tell your child to jump from puddle to puddle, have fun and let loose! This is a fun gross motor activity to get your child moving!