Timmy Tickle

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Developed by: Nimblebean


Ages Under 2-4

A story app about an orange, rollerskating, dishwashing octopus, we love this app for its beautiful animation and fun, educational, toddler-centered tasks.

Get Ready

Prepare to use the app by introducing one of these activities.

  1. Title Talk. Before you show your child the app, ask them who they think Timmy Tickle is. What do they think he is like?
  2. Octopus Story Time. Read a story about an octopus such as Octopus Alone, and listen, sing and dance along to "Octopus’s Garden!"

Dive In

Help your child get the most out of an app experience by trying the following activities.

  1. Colors. Timmy Tickle is full of colors. As you read through each page with your child, encourage them to point out and identify each color to you. When you finish the story, explore all the colors in the paint section!
  2. Imagine. Timmy Tickle has eight arms! What tasks are easier or harder for Timmy as a result of his many limbs? Ask your child to imagine what life would be like if they had eight arms. What things could they do more easily? Are there activities that would be more challenging? Are there parts of your child’s life that maybe wouldn’t be easier or more difficult, but would still be very different?


Branch Out

Extend the app experience with these real life activities.

  1. Dress Up! Timmy Tickle dresses up in fancy costumes. Give your child some of your accessories and encourage them to dress up! Get in costume yourself, and play Timmy’s game, asking your child to guess who or what you are. Make this a literary game by getting a few of your child’s favorite books out and dressing up as the main characters in each one!
  2. Dishwashing. Kids love water and bubbles. Have your child help you wash some dishes by hand. Fill two bins in the sink, one with warm soapy water, and one with clean rinsing water. Give your child some stainless steel, plastic, or other non-breakable dishes and utensils (probably the ones they have used to eat with!). Show them how to wash the dishes, and how to dry them with a towel afterwards. Don’t worry if they or the floor get a little wet. Three cheers for budding independence and small helpers! Next up—folding laundry!
  3. Taking Risks. Timmy Tickle takes some risks and tries activities even though he might not be able to do them well right away, like rollerskating and making music. Encourage your child to take a similar risk, and try a new activity that might be fun even if it is also challenging. What about learning to ride a bike? Playing with a new friend? Learning to ski? Learning an instrument? Trying a new food?