Pango Free

Pango Free Screen Shot 2.jpeg

Developed by:Studio Pango


Ages: 2-5

Share quality time with your little one where the reading comes with action and games. TOUCH, SHAKE, RUB, SCRATCH, TICKLE... the young reader interacts with the book and drives the story forward. Funny adventures, animated stories, brightly colored drawings and sweet characters. (Studio Pango SAS)

Tip for Parents: Simon Says!

This app is all about following directions.  Before your child interacts with this app, play a fun game of “Simon Says”.  Talk to them about how the game is all about following directions, something they will need to do in order to help Pango!  Are they up for the challenge?  Turn the tables and have them be Simon and run a game with the older siblings, adults, or other people in the house.  After they have had time to interact with the app, ask them  a few questions such as “Which task was your favorite and why”?, or “How did it feel to help Pango? Why”?