Rounds Parker Penguin

Rounds Parker Penguin Screen Shot 1.jpeg

Developed by:Nosy Crow


Ages 5-8

The second app in the innovative ‘Rounds’ series about the life-cycles of animals. Parker Penguin combines a warm, accessible wit with interactive and educational content, making it perfect for both the home and the classroom, and bears all the hallmarks of a Nosy Crow app – ingenious interactivity, original music, lively child narration, highlighted text, and charming animation. Children can participate in every stage of Parker’s life, from birth to parenthood, and learn all about penguins and life in the Antarctic with lots of fun activities - sliding, swimming, hunting, marching, protecting an egg, and hatching a chick – before starting all over again with Parker’s son. The app is filled with interesting facts about penguins (did you know that they have tiny spikes on their tongues to help grab slippery fish?), carefully designed to inspire enthusiasm and teach young children about biology. (iTunes)

Tip for Parents: Fun Facts!

Before using this app, help to activate your child’s prior knowledge about penguins by asking them a few questions such as “What do you know about penguins?”, “What do you like about penguins? Why?”, “What do you hope to learn about penguins while using this app?”.  Inform your child that this app will teach them all sorts of facts about penguins - true information about them! Scaffold for various ages by just talking about and showing them examples of facts throughout the app, or extending it to opinions as well.  An opinion is something you feel that can’t necessarily be proven.  For example, one of my favorite facts from this app is...or, I love the fact that...Show your child how facts and opinions are different, but can be connected.  After your child has interacting with the app, be sure to ask them what their absolute favorite penguin facts are and why.  Also, did they learn what they wanted to?