Rounds: Franklin Frog

Developed by:Nosy Crow Limited


Ages 2-5

The first in an innovative new series of non-fiction apps based on circular characters whose real life stories start where they end. Rounds: Franklin Frog follows the life cycle of a frog with beautifully simple narrative and design motifs. Illustrated in a bold, graphic style – using only circles and divisions of circles – and with ingenious interactivity, original music and lively child voice narration, this delightful app is both educational and fun. Learn about biology with dozens of fun facts about frogs. Join in with every stage of a frogs life - hopping, swimming, eating, hibernating, laying frogspawn, and growing from a tadpole. (iTunes)

Tip for Parents: Similarities & Differences

Before interacting with this app, let your child know that it is going to teach them all sorts of cool information, facts, about frogs! Give them a purpose for listening such as “As you’re listening to and reading this app, I want you to think about some things that frogs do that you do, too”.  Depending on your child’s age, extend this further by explaining that these would be called similarities.  Tell them that you would also like for them to think about things that frogs do that are different from what they do.  Again, depending on age or interest, extend this further by explaining that these would be called differences.