Animal SnApp: Farm

Animal Snapp Farm Screen Shot 2.jpeg

Developed by:Nosy Crow Limited


Ages 2-5

The first storybook app by Axel Scheffler, illustrator of the picture book modern classic The Gruffalo. Features a fun and innovative slider game - swipe through the halves of each character to make brand new farmyard animals! Unlock six different rhyming stories by completing the top and bottom half of each character. Fantastic animation, music, artwork and lively child narration. Have fun with Lucky Lamb, Gobbly Goat, Cuddly Cow, Portly Pig, Diggity Dog and Higgledy Hen. (iTunes)

Tip for Parents: Rhyming Fun     

Before interacting with this app, talk to your child about rhyming words.  Perhaps they already know about rhyming words and if so, have them tell you what they are as well as some examples.  If they don’t know what it means to rhyme, give them the definition (rhyming words are words that have similar sounds) as well as some examples.  To extend this further, then provide them with a word and have them think of as many words as they can that rhyme with it.  Rhyming builds phonemic awareness, which then helps build a strong foundation for early reading - and it’s fun!  As they play with, listen and read this app, have them be on the look out for rhyming word pairs.