Scholastic First Discovery: Dinosaurs

Scholastic First Discovery Dinosuars.jpeg

Developed by:Scholastic


Ages 4-6

Dinosaurs is an interactive, fully narrated, fun and beautifully illustrated new app in a series designed to help your child learn more about their world. Watch as your child interacts with the Dinosaurs in new and amazing ways! (iTunes)

Get Ready

Prepare to use this app by using the following activity:

Some Dinosaur Names are TOUGH to say!

Before having your child interact with this app, talk to them a little about any dinosaur names they already know.  Let them know that this app will teach them about many, many more really awesome dinosaurs and some of their names are super hard to say!  Reassure your child that it’s okay if they don’t know how to say or pronounce certain dinosaur names correctly.  The app will read the names aloud, they can repeat after the voice, or take their time and practice breaking down the name.  In the end, they’ll learn cool facts about these dinosaurs, and eventually, it won’t be so hard to say their names!

Dive In

Help your child get the most out this app experience by trying any of the following activities:

Ask your child to:

  • Try to repeat and say the names of all of the dinosaurs mentioned - just encourage them to give it their best shot!  

  • Follow instructions and tap on specific objects when necessary.  

  • Be ready to share their favorite or most interesting fact with you after they are done.  

Branch Out

Extend your child’s learning by using any of the following activities:

Sing & Dance!

Teach your child the “Dinosaur” Stomp - an adorable song about dinosaurs to the tune of “The Grand Old Duke of York”.  Encourage your child to sing, dance, and act like a dinosaur of course! Each line of the song has a certain movement or action, but your child can certainly “stomp” to the beat of their own drum!  


The Dinosaur Stomp

Oh Tyrannosaurus Rex, (hold two hands like dinosaur claws)

He walked on his hind legs, (stomp feet)

He stomped them up to the top of the hill, (stomp upwards)

And he stomped them down again.  (stomp downwards)



He was as high as a house,  (hold arms up high)

He was a long as whale, (hold arms out wide)

He was a dinosaur, a hundred (pretend to be a dinosaur)

Million years ago! (hold hands like claws)


Oh the huge Diplodocus, (hold arms up like a monster)

He had a great long tail, (swish arm like a tail)

He swished it up to the top of the hill, (swish it up high)

And he swished it down again. (swish it down low)




Oh the fierce Triceratops, (pretend to be a fierce dinosaur!)

He had three pointed horns, (make pointed fingers like horns on head)

He scared them up to the top of the hill, (be a scary dinosaur!)

And he scared them down again. (continue to be scary!)




Oh the spiky Stegosaurus, (make pointy spiky shapes in the air)

He had a spiky spine, ( point to pretend spikes on your back)

He marched his spikes to the top of the hill, (stomp upwards like a dinosaur)

And he marched them down again. (stomp downwards again)




Build Your Own Dinosaur!

What you’ll need:

  • Green craft-foam (or you can use construction paper; the foam is just a bit more durable)

  • Scissors

Prep Work:

Using the craft foam (or construction paper), cut out the following shapes.  You can also trace each shape below & have your child use safety scissors to practice learning how to cut.  

  • 1 big half-circle

  • 1 medium triangle

  • 1 medium square

  • 1 medium circle

  • 3 small rectangles

  • 3 small long triangles

  • 3 small squares

  • 4 small triangles

  • 3 small circles

Build Away!

Lay out all the shapes and show your child how to build a dinosaur. You can use the shapes however you wish. Here are the general ideas:

  • The big half circle is the body

  • The medium triangle, circle, and square are good for heads

  • The small shapes can be used for legs, tails, spikes, necks, etc.

  • Then let them go at it, building whatever kind of dinosaur creature their heart can imagine.