Park Math

Developed by:Duck Duck Moose, Inc.


Ages: 2-4

Award-winning Park Math teaches early math concepts based on Common Core State Standards. Learn numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, sorting, patterns and more through 7 fun, educational activities. 3 levels for Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade: count up to 20, 50 and 100; addition/subtraction with numbers up to 5, 10 and 20. (iTunes)

Get Ready

Prepare to use this app by using the following activity:

Warm Up: Counting Pom Poms!

What you’ll need:

  • Large Bin

  • Colored Pom Poms (or any small objects you already have at home, anything they can count)

  • Play Pots & Pans (or real ones if you’re okay with that!)

  • Numbers (from a wooden number puzzle you may already have, or just write numbers 1-10 on paper, sticky notes, etc!


How to Play:

  1. Put all of the materials in a large bin (if you have one; if not you can just set it out in a certain spot in your home) & let your child explore the materials you’ve set aside for this activity.  They may enjoy a little sensory play by touching and feeling the pom poms, or whichever objects you’ve taken out for them to count.  They may also enjoy putting pom poms in and out of the pots and pans.  

  2. Next, ask them to put any numbers they’d like inside a pot or pan.  

  3. Have them put the appropriate number of pom poms in each pot or pan to match the number inside of it.  It’s totally okay if their numbers are off.  Help them count the correct amount, tell them if there are too many or too little, etc.  Just have fun!

This activity will help activate any prior knowledge they have on numbers, or, get them familiar with counting!  Modify this activity based on your child’s math abilities by having them count up higher and subtract pom poms.

Dive In!

Help your child get the most out this app experience by trying any of the following activities:

Tap, Tap & Interact!

Choose a Level 1-3 and to get started, have your child move the blue bear along to the next scene.  There will be instructions on what to do on each page.  Each task will ask your child to count, sort, balance, find the pattern, or subtract.  Your child may want to attempt these tasks on their own, or, they might prefer to work alongside with you.  Choose a way that works best for your child!  Encourage them to have fun counting and learning more about numbers.  


Need Help?  

After interacting with this app, ask your child which activity was their favorite and why.  Ask them which one was most challenging, and why.  If they are up for it, go back to the activity they felt was most challenging and help them work through it.  Encourage them and make them feel good - learning involves making mistakes & that’s totally okay!  

Branch Out

Extend your child’s learning by using the following activity:

Get Crafty: Roll & Glue Googly Eye Monsters!

What you’ll need:

  • card stock or paper

  • brightly colored paint daubers or markers

  • scissors

  • glue

  • dice

  • a ton of googly eyes


What to do:

  1. Start by folding your cardstock in half & cutting out a monster (spikes, squiggles, whatever!)

  2. Set out your paint daubers and invite your math whizzes to the table. Let them decorate their monsters with the paint or markers.  (Paint daubers are nice because they dry fast but markers would be perfect too).  

  3. When they are done painting their monsters it’s time to introduce the glue ,googly eyes and dice.  Each player takes a turn rolling the dice and adding that many eyes to their monster. Only the roller adds the eyes on their turn.

  4. To put a limit on the eyes, you can create a number line and black out the numbers as they are rolled.  If kids roll a blacked out number, have them roll again until they roll one that has not been blacked out.  

  5. Once all numbers have been added to the monsters, hang them up for others to enjoy!  Your child may walk by them and count all the googly eyes to practice!