5 articles I loved this week. (Weekly Smart Picks #31)

  This week, I have a few articles, and also some lovely videos to share. As always, thanks for sending me recommendations for good reads. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!  

We love this sweet video about loving the skin you're in...

When you're a parent, you tend to get excited about the little things. Like the new season of Sesame Street! They recently released this new video with Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o and Elmo. It's a terrific conversation starter for exploring skin, color, differences/similarities, and loving yourself with your child. 

Can students 'go deep' with digital reading?

While this article looks at students reading with digital devices in schools, it has useful information for all of us about the benefits and drawbacks of reading with a screen. Whether your child prefers print or digital, this piece is worth the read.


{Video} How can we create cultures of play for our kids and future generations?
The LEGO Foundation has commissioned and shared research on the power of play and creativity in learning. They have released much of this research for us to see, and also made a powerful video about how to create cultures of creativity from leading experts around the world. 

How can you make the most out of your ten minutes with the teacher?
Back to school is old news, and parent-teacher conferences will soon be upon us! "A good parent-teacher conference should cover three major topics: the child, the classroom, and the future." All three of them are covered in this helpful segment with actionable advice. 


Measuring kids' self-control with a 'marshmallow test' for the digital age...

From the woman who brought us much discussion around the term 'grit,' comes a new marshmallow test for self-control in the digital age. While the study focuses on high school students, it offers much food for thought for those of us who give our children increasing amounts of screen time, educational or otherwise.