5 articles I loved this week. (Weekly Smart Picks #30)

This week, we visit with two icons (for very different reasons!), Steve Jobs and Dr. Seuss, with more interesting articles included. Enjoy!

Photo Source: allaboutstevejobs.com

Photo Source: allaboutstevejobs.com

Steve Jobs was a low-tech parent.

This piece in the NYT explores parents who work in the tech industry and their approaches to technology in their own homes. An important point made: "there should be a strong distinction between time spent 'consuming,' like watching YouTube or playing video games, and time spent 'creating' on screens."


Behavioral therapy helped to eliminate symptoms of autism in babies.

There are new treatments (that do *not* include medication) for infants as young as 6 months that can help these little ones avoid developmental delays associated with autism.


Online learning may be different for girls, but not in cognitive ways.

This excellent piece explores fact and fiction about how boys and girls learn online. And gives us a playbook for ensuring equal access and use for all. 


Dr. Seuss has a new (sort-of) book available.

new collection of Dr. Seuss's lesser-known work came out this week. SO exciting for all of us who are big Seuss fans!


    How to make your school into a maker heaven...

    Is your family a part of the growing Maker Movement? This article is a terrific how-to for bringing the movement into your school environment, especially in light of Common Core or possible resistance from the school.


    BONUS! Infographic in honor of International Literacy Day 

    Monday marked International Literacy Day. UNESCO, which organizes the day, also created this infographic filled with facts insights about literacy around the world.