A Virtual Sponge: Meet Sheila, Zoobean Curator

Congratulations, Dr. Frye!

Congratulations, Dr. Frye!

Dr. Sheila Frye is a virtual sponge whose approach to literacy is a many-limbed tree, rooted in both eco-philosophy and some uber-complex developmental theory.  The award-winning educator has served in myriad educational roles: special education, gifted and talented, academic research, college faculty; currently she works as a reading specialist at Valley View Elementary School in Montville, NJ, and is writing a 5th grade reading workbook for Barron’s Educational Series. And curating the super popular Tumblr blog, Teaching Literacy.

Sheila’s an adventurer, too.

She traveled as a “citizen scientist” with Earthwatch to Ghana, where she worked at a hippopotamus sanctuary and bonded with locals ravaged by AIDS; at 21 she backpacked through Europe. These days her adventures include hunting for stellar reading locales—willow trees, rushing waters, and tucked away hollows are her favorites—and meandering with her two sons, aged 8 and 10, sidewalk safari companions who help her find magic in everyday objects.

It's Important to Embrace the Pace of Nature

An avid indie flick chick, her favorite film and character is Amelie, with whose eccentric soul and introspective tendencies Sheila identifies. It’s these casually brilliant idiosyncrasies that lead her to explore theories such as rhizome, which argues for models of nonlinear learning: multiple intellectual data entry points, modes of representation, and interpretation. “Growth isn't always about getting from point A to point B. Even though it's hard to do, we should not expect to grow in a straight line. Thus, it's important to adopt the pace of, well, nature!”

Sheila holds a Doctorate degree in Design of Learning Environments from Rutgers University; an MA in teaching with concentration in reading and literacy from Fairleigh Dickinson University; and a BS in special education, minor in psychology from The College of New Jersey. She resides in Montclair, NJ with her lovely sons.