Greenville, NC...Here We Come!

Last April, we had the extremely good fortune of appearing on ABC's hit show, Shark Tank. The experience changed the course of our business, and we are so grateful for the amazing opportunity. 

We can't wait to cheer on the entrepreneurs of Greenville and surrounding areas.

This is why we are SO excited to help other people achieve their dream of being on the show. Thanks to US Cellular and other local supporters, the folks at Shark Tank are hosting an open casting call there this Thursday, July 24. (And they recently held one in my hometown of Des Moines, IA, too...woot!). Yes, we're busy entrepreneurs and parents of two little kids. But when the casting team at Shark Tank asked us to spend a couple of days supporting the open call in Greenville, we jumped at the opportunity to spread the love. 


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If you know anyone with a fantastic idea or business, who is near-ish to Greenville, let them know about the open call on Thursday! And if you'd just like to follow our journey, starting very (very, very, very) early tomorrow morning, you can find us over on Instagram. See you soon!