Chief Mom's Weekly Smart Picks (#21)

Teaching empathy and the second digital divide are on this week's list. Thanks for all of the recommended reading this week, I appreciate the tips!

5 Top Picks in Parenting, Education, and Tech

  1. We may *want* our kids to be more focused on empathy than achievement, but according to a new study, the messages we send our kids tell them (and teach them) otherwise.
  2. The American Academy of Pediatrics officially made a recommendation this week for pediatricians to counsel families on the importance of engaging in reading activities with children, starting at birth. 
  3. Little kids with stronger bonds to their parents are more likely to make better friends and adapt in difficult relationships.
  4. Is educational technology making the achievement gap bigger, not smaller? This explanation of what some call the "second digital divide," is thought-provoking and well worth the read.
  5. What can kids learn from a water balloon fight? Check out this deep dive into the importance of learning resilience and responding in the moment through play.

By the way...we are in Vegas for #ALA14. Know a librarian? Suggest a visit to the Zoobean booth!