5 Awesome Articles by Jordan Shapiro (#ZoobeanExpert)

As a mom, I have so many questions about how my kids are and will engage with technology. When it comes to video games in particular, many of us have reservations. This is why I look to experts like Jordan Shapiro to provide expertise and reporting on data on this topic.  A journalist, philosophy professor, and dad, Jordan has incredible insight into the role of technology and gaming in our kids' lives. Jordan will join us live as a Zoobean Expert on May 15 at 9pm ET, and you are invited to ask questions live. RSVP here!

To help you get to know his work as a journalist, we have recommended five excellent (and mostly recent) articles on Forbes. 

5 Articles We Love by Jordan Shapiro 

  1. Why Playing Video Games Makes You a Better Dad"Video games are different. This is the world of my kids’ imagination. When I take it seriously (and participate along side of them), I’m not only validating their inner world by giving positive reinforcement to the things that matter most to them, I’m also providing fun and supportive space in which a sophisticated emotional intelligence can emerge."

  2. 3 Things Parents Should Know About Video Games And Kids: "From my perspective, video games are the future of storytelling. And, while you might just be imagining they’ll replace movies and romance novels, our relationship to storytelling is much more all-encompassing than just entertainment."
  3. Here's Why We Need Video Games in Every Classroom: "Game-based learning can provide systematic, data driven teaching in a way that forces creative problem solving rather than rote memorization."

  4. How to Think Critically About Video Games: "Discussing Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze with my kids also helps them to develop their metacognitive functions. Metacognition, put very simply, describes an individual’s ability to think about one’s own thinking."
  5. 4 Reasons Video Games Are Good For Your Health: "According to the authors, playing games leads to prosocial “helping” behaviors. Two recent studies have shown that playing games leads to cooperative behaviors outside of the gaming context."

Which article resonated most with you? Want to find even more articles from Jordan? Visit his Forbes homepage here