Get to Know Alexandra, Zoobean App Curator

Zoobean is powered by technology and algorithms that help us find the right app and book selections for kids. But who is behind the technology? Our team of talented, expert curators! Our team of curators are located around the country, all parents who truly get Zoobean and believe in the company's mission. Today, we are launching a series to introduce you to our awesome curator team. First up...Alexandra Hinrichs!

Get to Know Alexandra

Librarian, educator, and writer Alexandra S.D. Hinrichs is a fierce competitor in Ping Pong, bakes a delectable strawberry rhubarb pie, and is a campfire song enthusiast—among her favorites are Night Rider’s Lament and Caledonia.

Alexandra graduated Magna Cum Laude from Colgate University and holds a double MA from University of Madison–Wisconsin—in Library and Information Studies and History—with concentrations in youth services and history of childhood. She has occupied numerous roles in education and library services, and served as lead resource developer for the Teaching American History Grant at the Department of Education. She has taught kindergarten in Thailand; founded a youth center in Princeton, MA; and developed content for the highly acclaimed and beloved American Girl publishing franchise.

Fluent in French, she reads a variety of books to her toddler son in both English et français; recently she posted a list of his go-to favorites, which include Jazz Baby, Lulu’s Busy Day, and Go Dog Go. You can find the complete list, along with children’s book reviews and discussions on childhood literacy at

Alexandra writes, researches, and curates apps for Zoobean from her home in Bangor, Maine. She lives with Chloe, a small orange cat with a raucous meow; Oliver, a rotund, coiffed black and white cat with a pipsqueak meow; her son Nathaniel; and husband Brian Hinrichs, executive director of the Bangor Symphony Orchestra, who cooks the best dinners ever.