Chief Mom's Simple Smart List (#7)

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Hello Zoobean Friends and Families!

This week is an eclectic mix of topics: from your baby's brain, to Geena Davis, and on to Barbie. What more could you ask for as you head into your first full weekend in March? Enjoy!

  • Ever look at a baby and think, "What's going on in that little head?" We might just find get some answers
  • Where has all the playing gone? Why play matters for kids and how some smart people are trying to save it.
  • great pieces of advice from Geena Davis. The CEO of Ms. Davis's Institute is joining us for #ZoobeanExperts chat on March 19. RSVP here!
  • Watch out Barbie, Lammily, and her average proportions, are coming to town. 
  • Budding Picasso? Doodle for Google is accepting submissions
  • Take a look at these parent guides for engaging with kids while playing 7 popular video games.
  • The inspiring teacher who changed everything after Columbine was on the Today Show!

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