Chief Mom's Simple Smart List (#9)

Source: The Atlantic

Source: The Atlantic

Spring is in the air!

Did someone say it's spring? Finally! This week's fresh picks are sure to get your first official spring weekend started off right! 

  • Has our preoccupation with kids' safety has stripped them of independence and risk-taking? A new kind of playground gets parents out of the way.
  • Turns out preschool age kids have the innate ability to do....Algebra!
  • New data shows that babies use verbs to help them acquire new nouns. 
  • Walter Dean Meyers poses this question: Where are the people of color in children's books? Stay tuned for a response from us on this one.
  • This blog challenges teachers to inspire "audacious thinking" in their students. This also applies to inspiring the same in our own kids at home!
  • Do letter grades deserve an F? Here is a case for overhauling traditional grading systems.

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