I Got the Rhythm

Every week, Jason Boog (from Born Reading) and I share one app, one book, and one craft that we are currently enjoying with our kids. This week was Jason's turn, and he has some excellent recommendations here. Enjoy!


Book of the Week

At my daughter’s preschool, we read I Got the Rhythm by Connie Schofield-Morrison. The book is filled with sounds and actions, encouraging your child to sing along with a spunky little girl bouncing through the big city. The kids loved mimicking the vivid illustrations in this jazzy book.


App of the Week

Our family played with the Kidomatic app all weekend. The free app teaches children how to use the camera on a smartphone or tablet.

We made silly masterpieces by adding fake mustaches, stickers, silly clothes and other digital items to our photographs. You can pay 99-cents for additional themed materials for Halloween, Christmas, or fashion.


Craft of the Week

Print or export a digital copy of your favorite Kidomatic photograph (or any digital creation your kids make). You can put a copy on the refrigerator and send another copy to grandparents.

Show your kids that digital products can be shared and treasured just as much as a finger-painting.

This is a lovely opportunity to show kids how to make things on devices, rather than just passively absorbing content. For instance, I love sharing Toontastic creations that Olive makes some weekends.