5 articles I loved this week. (#33)

This week covers creative toddlers, hackers, and Jane Goodall, quite a mix! Enjoy, and keep sending us the articles you love, too. #SmartPicks

Toddler art projects can be creative, fun, and simple.

I am not a terribly crafty person, but Tinkerlab is a terrific source of inspiration for easy ideas that get our littles working with their hands. I'm particularly fond of these 12 toddler art projects  that actually are quite simple and easy to set up. 

Learning how to take criticism is a skill we can help develop in our kids. 

In this helpful article, Jessica Lahey gives parents a playbook for helping kids learn to take feedback well and to be resilient in the face of criticism (constructive or not). 

Jane Goodall speaks to the importance of empathy for other animals.

While this video is not specifically for parents or kids, it is quite relevant. Brain Pickings shared this short, beautiful video in which Jane Goodall, the pioneering primatologist, explores the relationship between respect for animals and empathy. It gives visiting the zoo, snuggling with your pet, or saying hello to others' pets an entirely new meaning. 


(Photo Source: Flckr, Thomas Hawk)

(Photo Source: Flckr, Thomas Hawk)

Three reasons why hackers are leading the pack today.

This perspective, written for the Cooney Center, is a look into the reasons why hackers and hacker culture is so important in today's world. The author states that hackers are pirates, and gets us thinking about what it means to inspire a hacker mindset in our own kids. (Maybe get started with this new app that helps Kindergarteners learn to code!)


Exercise is medicine for ADHD.

A few weeks ago, I shared an article about physical exertion and its relationship to ADHD. This article gives a more in depth look at the research over the past few years which directly links physical activity with allayed ADHD symptoms in grade school kids.