5 articles I loved this week. (Weekly Smart Picks #34)

In addition to this week's articles, I also want to point you to some new content on our blog! We have teamed up with Jason Boog, author of Born Reading, to share ideas for apps, crafts, and books that our families enjoy. I think you'll love this week's edition, "Tea with grandpa and songs with Mother Goose." 

Also, Rand just released its report on redefining developmentally appropriate technology for early childhood education. The report is here, and we'll be unpacking it over the coming week.

Parenting around the world.

I have been following a wonderful series by blogger Cup of Joe, entitled "Parenting Around the World." Expats living in countries from Mexico to China share their observations and learnings about similarities and differences in their new home countries. The series just wrapped up with a family now living in Chile, and I think all of the articles together make for a wonderful, informative read.


Kids think we are distracted...and other learnings from this year's "State of the Kid" survey. 

Each year, Highlights (yes, the magazine of your youth) commissions a yearly report based on a national survey of kids ages 6 to 12. They just released the results, along with nice infographics like these, that are filled with interesting data.


We can teach babies to be better listeners and pick up language easier.

The theory of the Mozart effect may have been debunked, but new reporting and experiments are showing us that certain activities do help kids recognize patterns and develop language more easily. This might be particularly important for kids who have extra needs with auditory processing.


Z is for Zebra...90% of the time.

If you have ever read an animal alphabet book, or fifty, then this article is for you. A researcher looked at 50 animal alphabet books, published from 1820 to 2013, and what he found was right in line with what we experience. We loved geeking out to alphabet book trivia and making guesses about the findings. 


Young girls are mimicking their moms' body image fears.

This article provides more data about something that we moms likely already know. Our daughters are going to emulate us, for better and for worse.  Research suggests that girls as young as seven are learning to worry about their own bodies by hearing their moms voice anxieties. This has me keeping my internal dialog about body image to myself these days!


BONUS! New reads in our home...

As you might imagine, our family reads A LOT of books. One of the perks of our business is that we receive tons of early releases from publishers. While some of our kids' books stick around for a LONG time, other new titles sneak in daily. Every few weeks, I will be sharing reviews for some of the gems that make it into our new pile. So check out what is new and on our shelf this month! You can see our very serious reviewers pictured above. :)